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Raymond Lam reveals his relationship secrets

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Raymond Lam reveals his relationship secrets Empty Raymond Lam reveals his relationship secrets

Post by summer7879 on Sun Jun 28, 2009 9:51 pm

Credit :Source: Yes! Magazine
Credit: Kat @ Raymondlam.org
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Raymond Lam reveals his relationship secrets

Fung recently completed his first concert “Endless Love Let’s Get Wet”. At the concert he played with water, selling his passionate side, and also sang love songs, revealing his romantic side. He also invited many guests, revealing his friendships. As what he had said, his first concert had “love” as a theme, but during the concert while we saw different types of “Fung love”, that is only on the surface, what about inside? To promote his “love” themed concert and new album, Fung revealed a lot about his thoughts during the interview. Surprisingly he didn’t use his typical “official” answers talking about work, he actually talked a bit about everything. Even didn’t mind talking about his shortcomings!

Fung recently completed his first two concerts, for a first timer, objectively it was quite good. At least no one complained about it online after watching it. It didn’t have many negative responses. “We didn’t have a lot of time rehearsing this concert, because I had to film a series, record the new album, luckily there weren’t many mistakes during my performance! I give myself a 80 for my performance, quite happy with it! But after two shows, I discovered some pain in my waist, I think it was because I pushed too hard during dancing! Actually two shows wasn’t enough, I wanted to add shows, the company also said they can consider holding a Part 2 concert. No matter whether Part 2 does go ahead, I’m already very satisfied since I have only been a singer for two years and was able to hold a concert at the Coliseum!”

Family comes first
We don’t know whether concert part 2 will go ahead that soon, but Fung cannot rest yet. He needs to go back to film the series, really busy! Actually being in the industry for ten years, Fung is already very popular in the television circle. He is busy working every day and doesn’t have a lot of time for his family, this caused him to feel quite bad about it.

“I value my family a lot, my family always come first. My family is very warm, mum and dad love me a lot. Even though we don’t see each other a lot, they will always care about me, and make me feel very warm and special. Sometimes my mum will stay at my place for a few days, and make soups for me. But every year besides Chinese New Year, I can’t spend long periods of time with my family. So I always tell my manager to not take jobs during holidays, would rather spend time with my family than earning money. I remember when I was young the whole family would go on holidays, hopefully this year we can go on a family holiday, be away for 8 or 10 days!” Fung rarely talks about his family, but inside he values them a lot.

Friendships the strongest
Besides his family being important, it seems friendships are also important to Fung, because he had said before, “In TVB, who is not familiar with me?” Can see Fung has many friends after filming series for many years. So does he think he is a good friend?

“I usually let my friends make decisions, can alter my plans to suit them. Like organising group functions I am normally not the organiser. But I will help them, following their instructions. For long periods of time I have to fly to different places for filming, so my family cannot be beside me, so my friends are very important. I have many friends in the entertainment circle, but for those outside the industry, like my old classmates I still keep in touch with them. When they have birthday parties, sometimes I have to work and can’t go, but I will definitely buy presents for them. I have even couriered a present to their companies too!

Sacrificing for love
In everyone’s eyes Fung is rich and handsome so he should have lots of girlfriends. But he said he hasn’t dated for 10 years, is he really that dry? “For me, dating is not about finding someone to fill up time. I think if two people haven’t spent time together and get to know each other, then they’re not really dating. Since I have focused on working, I haven’t had time to develop a relationship. Love is very important to me, I hope I can start a family in the future, but at this moment I haven’t found the right person yet. If I can really meet the right person, I don’t mind altering my working schedule to be with her. At the end of the day I have to give up some things to spend more time with her, but it will really be worth it!”

Involved with love
Even though Fung said he hadn’t date for ten years, but surely he did meet someone he had feelings for? “In the past I did have feelings for a few girls, but when I ask them out I will feel restricted, because I was afraid that the reporters will make up stories. So I was very careful, causing barriers between us, and couldn’t get to know each other. Now I’ve thought about it further, actually going out with girls is very normal, even if we were dating it’s not a big deal. So now I’m not like in the past, where I was afraid to even talk to them and the reporters would take photos. Now I’m ready to date, when I meet “The One” I will chase her, and even love her with all my heart. This is because I have been waiting for “The One” for many years! It doesn’t matter whether she’s inside or outside the entertianment circle, because it’s not up to me to choose. If I find her, then it’s her! I wouldn’t deliberately reveal my romantic relationships, but if someone asked, I wouldn’t deny it.” So if Fung has girlfriend, he will silently admit it then!

Emotional person
After understanding Fung’s thoughts on family, romance and friendships, we can better understand his real personality! In his own eyes, what does he think of himself? “My best and worst traits are the same, emotional! My emotions fluctuate a lot, can get annoyed easily, but also easily pleased. I can stay calm while working, but I won’t hold back when I’m around with friends. You can tell from my face if I am happy or not. So if my friends see my expression change they will be careful! But I rarely get really angry, no matter what happens, my mood will recover very quickly.”

Personality test
Fung says his best and worst traits is being emotional, so we played a personality test with him and discovered he had some other hidden good and bad traits as well!

Test 1: Testing for your hidden good points
Where do you think the butterfly will fly to?
A: Grassy plain on a farm / B: Beautiful rose garden / C: Forest (??) / D: High in the skies
Fung selected B, meaning he has an eye for beauty, he will thrive for beautiful things, will be praised as having good taste.

Test 2: Testing for shortcomings that he doesn’t want other people to know
During a hot summer day you decided to buy a drink to quench your thirst. Which drink would you want to buy?
A: Coke / B: Wulong Tea / C: Cold Coffee / D: Orange Juice
Fung selected B, meaning he cannot accept bad things being said about his family. He hates those who say things which hurt his family!

Passionate concert
Fung’s first concert was successfully held at the Coliseum last week. This time Fung really capitalised on his friendships, inviting many guests like FAMA, Charlene Choi, Miriam Yeung, Wong Cho Lam, Vincy Chan and Laughing Gor Michael Tse. Unfortunately his rumoured girlfriend Linda Chung was not there! Even though there were many guests, the focus was still on Fung, because when he was playing with water, all the female fans were drooling!

Linda Chung – afraid to say the wrong things
Because of the two “Heart of Greed”s, Linda and I became many people’s favourite on screen couple. I remember last year when “Moonlight Resonance” was aired, besides promotional functions, many advertisers asked both of us to appear together! Since we act as a couple in the series, for promotion purposes when we appear in functions, we will call each other and match what we are wearing.

I remember at one function, because she grew up overseas, she didn’t know much about some traditional Chinese objects which were related to the function. So she asked me all these questions about what things were for and what they meant, because she was afraid of saying the wrong things and be laughed by others! From this you can tell that not only is she a beautiful girl, she’s also very serious in her work. So many people ask me whether I would like a girlfriend like Linda, I would say yeah!

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Raymond Lam reveals his relationship secrets Empty Re: Raymond Lam reveals his relationship secrets

Post by serendipity on Sun Jun 28, 2009 10:24 pm

i love raymond`s personality (;

he just admitted that he wants to go out with LINDA ;DDD
yee they make such a great couple ;D

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Raymond Lam reveals his relationship secrets Empty Re: Raymond Lam reveals his relationship secrets

Post by bbbear8 on Sun Jun 28, 2009 10:39 pm

agree...for a rich boy..raymond has a great personality and is down to earth..it think that is what makes him so lovable. he could be spending his family's money but instead he is working hard as an actor/singer.
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Raymond Lam reveals his relationship secrets Empty Re: Raymond Lam reveals his relationship secrets

Post by Vivien on Mon Jun 29, 2009 12:40 pm

That was a really interesting article to read lols. Raymond revealed a lot about himself. I remember he admitted that he had good feelings towards Linda on Club Sparkle.

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Raymond Lam reveals his relationship secrets Empty Re: Raymond Lam reveals his relationship secrets

Post by jse on Tue Jun 30, 2009 9:25 pm

I love Raymond in the sense that he had the 'artiste' look. And he was criticized by people before when he first entered into the entertainment industry. He was nicknamed as 'the rich boy' and they thought Raymond entered into entertainment industry without objectives or aims. But now, he finally did it!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!
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Raymond Lam reveals his relationship secrets Empty Re: Raymond Lam reveals his relationship secrets

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