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Ben Wong & Sharon Chan filled with self-confidence

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Ben Wong & Sharon Chan filled with self-confidence  Empty Ben Wong & Sharon Chan filled with self-confidence

Post by summer7879 on Fri Dec 02, 2011 2:37 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Ben Wong & Sharon Chan filled with self-confidence  120200282031b1ben1
Ben Wong & Sharon Chan filled with self-confidence  120200282031b3nancy

Ben Wong & Sharon Chan filled with self-confidence

Ben Wong and Sharon Chan are both nominated for this year's "Best Supporting Actor and Actress". Ben expressed his role as "Lak Geung" in Lives of Omission is a rare encounter that may not be seen again in 10 years. All along, he personally has been confident. As for Sharon Chan, she frankly said she had experienced too much in the last few years. Those feelings have allowed her to actually put in her heart into her acting. She frankly expressed that if she wins the award, she will give the award a kiss and will give the award to her supportive late father.

Ben expressed this is the first year he's nominated for Best Supporting Actor. He said: "Lak Geung is an undercover that betrayed the police force. Although the role didn't have too many scenes, it is still a snatch. I may not encounter such role in 10 years. (Do you feel it's too late?) This can be found, but not sought. I am happy that I never gave up on myself!" Asked if he has prepared an acceptance speech already? He said: "I will first thank Catherine Tsang, it is her that asked me to play 'Ah Hoi' in The Kindred Spirit. The 'Ah Hoi' role has really established a great foundation for Ben Wong. As for Lee Tim Shing, he is the producer that used me the most and gave me a lot of self-discipline! Next, I must thank Producer Chong Wai Kin and editor Au Koon Ying for writing the 'Lak Geung' role for me."

Sharon is also confident, she expressed: "'Hot Legs Goddess' is an outstanding role. The long hair, miniskirt and long legs model brought many clients offering me jobs. They all request for me to dress like 'Hot Legs Goddess'." However, Sharon also believes she has areas that needs improvement. She said: "I feel that when I'm acting, I don't handle my roles with enough maturity. Acting is relied on life experiences. In the last few years, I gained more life experiences. In 2003, my father died; When I was shooting Ghetto Justice, I broke my collarbone; Last year I suffered from kidney inflammation, these are my experiences in life, which helps me be able to act from my heart." She expressed if she does get the award, she will give it to her father.

Also, the 'black horse' Nancy Wu is nominated for Best Supporting Actress, for her role in Forensic Heroes III. Facing strong opponents such as Sharon, Nancy said: "Sharon and I entered the industry around the same time, but there is only one award. Whoever wins the award, I will be just as happy because I never even thought of being nominated. This time, it is considered a type of certainty I got from audience, so I do have confidence!"

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