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How have former Miss Asia's been?

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How have former Miss Asia's been? Empty How have former Miss Asia's been?

Post by ron1404 on Sat Aug 15, 2009 7:34 pm

[News] [2008/12/09] [ Miss Asia 2008 Pageant] - How have former Miss Asia's been?
http://www.sina.com.cn 2008/12/08 21:55 ycwb.com
Translated by Matchbox

How have former Miss Asia's been?

Many of the Mainland audience are familiar with Miss Hong Kong's. Actually many Miss Asia's are also well known. Such as Jet Li's wife Nina Li Chi, Kristy Yeung who is developing her career in Mainland. Yvonne Yung[url=http://music.sina.com.cn/yueku/s/11687.html]听歌 blog), Sexy goddess Joey Meng from "My Date with a Vampire" and previous aTV Fa Dan Alice Chan. Also Kung Suet Fa who competed in the contest at the age of 48 etc. This year it's already the 20th anniversary for the Miss Asia Pageant. In order to celebrate this big occassion former Miss Asia's will return for this event. In the Finals 28 former Miss Asia's performed on stage. aTV vice executive Yip Ka Bao stated that Kristy Yeung and Yvonne Yung were invited. However both of them couldn't attend due to their schedules. Then how are the Miss Asia's that performed these days? Are they good or bad? During the evening of the finals, the reporter managed to interview Popular Miss Asia 1989 1st runner up Joey Meng, Most popular Media award 1995 Kung Suet Fa and Miss Asia 1996 winner Alice Chan.

Joey Meng continues to renew contract with aTV, plays Forensic investigator in new series

Since aTV popular Fa Dan Joey Meng completed the supernatural serial drama "My Date with a Vampire" it seemed like she had dissapeared from the entertainment circle. This year Joey continued to renew her contract with aTV maintaining her popular Fa Dan status. She has been shooting aTV grand production "Legal Elite". Joey told the reporter that she has completed shooting her scenes during November. The whole shooting for the series is nearly complete. She said that her role is a forensic investigator and she will communicate mostly with dead bodies. It will be different from her past cute onscreen image. This time she has a very office lady feel and will often wear a shirt matching high waist trousers. She confidently said several professional forensic terms. Joey said "This time I felt very relaxed while acting this role. Although I don't have any love connections with Lawrence Ng in the series we were still able to create a lot of sparks. What I found most fun was filming the dating scenes with Marco Ng who plays a murderer. Although he is fat, he is still very good looking. He can dance and play sports very well".

Due to the financial crisis aTv have reduced their TV series productions. Joey who has renewed her contract stated that she didn't mind. She can try other things such as shooting travel programmes. It's not a bad thing at all. She expressed that she has been with aTV for 19 years. The reason why she is still with aTV is because her colleagues and back stage crew adore her. Asked if she has considered joining TVB? She said it's difficult to say and she it will depend on the time. Currently she is very happy working for aTV, that's why she decided to stay.

How have former Miss Asia's been? Ronssiggiefinished1
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