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Global Forum Rules

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Global Forum Rules Empty Global Forum Rules

Post by Vivien on Sat Jun 20, 2009 1:09 pm

Forum Rules

[1] General Posting
  • Use appropriate language and do not spam. By spam, we are referring to any off-topic/meaningless posts and commercials. Those will be deleted immediately and you will receive a warning. Please do not criticize other members and their thoughts, respect others and respect yourself.

[2] Topics/Replies
  • Please post in the appropriate forum. We hope to keep the forum organized so that members can access the topics easily. Also, remember to stay on topic!

[3] Personal Messages
  • Content-wise, there are no restrictions. However, do not constantly send PM's to annoy other members. If they don't reply, take it as a hint.

[4] Profile/Signatures
  • Do not give out any personal information. If you insist, please do so through personal messaging. We cannot guarantee that your information such as phone number, address, etc will not leak out to the public.

[5] Credits
  • If you decide to repost anything from our forum to another site, you must credit us and provide a link back. Our staff team works hard to provide the content that we own.


Global Forum Rules Wbcmlh

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