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Gary Cao & Justin Lo gets into a fight on streets, Justin pushed to the ground

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Gary Cao & Justin Lo gets into a fight on streets, Justin pushed to the ground Empty Gary Cao & Justin Lo gets into a fight on streets, Justin pushed to the ground

Post by summer7879 on Sat Sep 26, 2009 12:47 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao, Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AEU

Gary Cao & Justin Lo gets into a fight on streets, Justin pushed to the ground

Gary Cao & Justin Lo gets into a fight on streets, Justin pushed to the ground 19033721
Gary Cao & Justin Lo gets into a fight on streets, Justin pushed to the ground 84641606
Gary Cao & Justin Lo gets into a fight on streets, Justin pushed to the ground 64444303

Gary Cao (Cao Ge) and Justin Lo's "anger on the streets" has become the industry's hottest topics. Although the two are both good friends, like brothers but the other night they started fighting on the streets of Central. Gary punched, kicked and even wanted to break one of the street signs to beat Justin onto the ground.

After the incident, "anger on the streets" happened, Gary had especially came back from Beijing to hold a press conference for his apology. He blamed himself for doing something that is very wrong and something that he regrets. He has to apologize to his family, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland citizens who have read the news. He is willing to take all responsibility and accepts consequences.

Yesterday at 4:45pm, Gary was dressed in a full black outfit and shades back in Hong Kong, he was surrounded by the Media causing a chaos at the scene. Gary did not respond to the questions Reporters asked, his record company expressed that he would save all comments for the press conference.

As for the victim who got beat to the ground, Justin spoke up yesterday. He admitted that he and Gary did the wrong thing on the streets during a radio interview. He embarrassed himself and pleads for forgiveness. Justin said that the incident was due to a misunderstanding, Gary initially was trying to help him. However, as to the reason why Gary ended up fighting with him, Justin did not explain why.

Investigating back into the video clip someone captured on a DV, surprisingly they found that before the incident happen Vivien Yeo appeared at the scene, and it is rumored that because of her the "anger on the streets" happened. Also someone who can get deeply into love Gary and Justin who has countless amount of rumors, two men and one girl, it is believed that only those two will know the truth to the cause of the fight.

Vivien Yeo accepted an interview yseteray and admitted that when the incident happen, she did meet up with Gary and Justin. She said: "That night I went to the bar at approximately 11pm. Gary and I are both from Malaysia and we met once during work. Usually when we meet up, we would chat because we are both from Malaysia, so we are better friends. That night Gary's manager called me, so I went to the bar to join them. (What did you guys talk about?) Nothing! When I got there they were still jamming together and having a good time. I was just chatting with my own friend. Gary said Hello to me."

Part 1 | Part 2

Responses from other Artistes (Source: Oriental Daily)
Myolie Wu, Kevin Cheng, Liu Jia Chang, Joey Yung, Leo Ku, Eason Chan, Elanne Kong, Chilam Cheung, Eric Tsang, William Chan

Myolie Wu: "It doesn't matter if they are public figures, they are still normal people. No matter what happens they shouldn't be fighting in a public area, don't do it next time!"

Liu Jia Chang: "The moods of young people are hard to say. I fought before too, but after the fight its fine."

Kevin Cheng: "Maybe they won't know each other if they don't fight. (They knew each other for a long time?) They are very close."

Joey Yung: "Don't go out late so much, don't drink so much. I personally really like Justin Lo. His personality is so real and calm. They are such good friends, maybe there is a misunderstanding. Alcohol probably messed up their heads, don't do that again!"

Elanne Kong: "At first I thought it was just filming, but then I saw the news, didn't know it was such a big incident. Gary and I collaborated before, I know Justin and him are good friends. They should be fine after the fight."

Chilam Cheung: "They were truly impulsive, it is definitely because they were drunk. Artistes are role models to younger people, that's why we should always be careful. Now I don't know what's going on, but I hope it does not happen again. The two are talented artistes, I hope they will use their talents in the future to overcome this negative news."

Eason Chan: "Wow! (Justin's hat didn't fall off after that fight?) Nope, he's so good. Did he glue it on.... they should not teach people about fightng. It is because they were impulsive, however glad that everything is ok and they aren't injured."

William Chan: "I heard about the news, I was quite surprised because I do know Justin and I think now is the time to calm down. He is an adult, he knows how to deal with this because I don't know about the incident, so I don't want to clarify anything. I just feel its fortuntate that he did not bleed."

Leo Ku: "I saw the news and the clip. Because I am good friends with Justin myself, so I couldn't smile. I am actually more worried if Justin was injured or not. I saw the clips, I think they were drunk and it's not because of them arguing. I will call him later to ask what happened. The Justin I know is very nice and positive. During celebrations I do see him drink a little, but he doesn't drink that much that he loses control."

Eric Tsang: "I know that they are really good friends and good brothers. (Fighting in public?) It damages the public materials, so remember play is play, don't damage the government property. (Gold Label said that Justin is the victim, they will consider on taking legal action?) I am not sure how to respond to this. Let's see what Gary has to say first."

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