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Rumors for "The Academy 4"? TVB reveals production plans & plot

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Rumors for "The Academy 4"? TVB reveals production plans & plot Empty Rumors for "The Academy 4"? TVB reveals production plans & plot

Post by summer7879 on Sun Sep 27, 2009 11:26 pm

Credit : Source: Sina.com [17/09/09]
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Rumors for "The Academy 4"? TVB reveals production plans & plot

Rumors for "The Academy 4"? TVB reveals production plans & plot 2mwx9aa

Rumors for "The Academy 4"? TVB reveals production plans & plot (( [WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS to film "TURNING POINT] ))

Following the hit TVB series "E.U", the prequel "Laughing Gor Turning Point" film was created especially for Laughing Gor and has done very well in the box office. There is news that TVB has intentions of making "The Academy 4" bringing back Michael Tse's role Laughing Gor from the dead and allowing him back into the Police Force. Laughing Gor, now "Laughing Sir" will lead Chung Lap Man (Ron Ng) and Lee Pak Kui (Sammul Chan) to battle the Triad. According to sources, the series will continue on with the plot of "Turning Point". Francis Ng's role in the film will be replaced by Pierre Ngo as the series' main villain. However, TVB told the Media that the plan to film "The Academy 4" is not confirmed at all yet.

[Rumor] Laughing Gor comes back and plotted against for murder

Earlier TVB broadcasted a small clip to bring Laughing Gor back and it has been a hot topic in the entire city. TVB executive producer Tommy Leung and the Producer for the last three "The Academy" series Wong Wai Sing expressed that there is a possibility of a part 4 installment.

The biggest villain in the proposed series will be played by Pierre Ngo. In the film, after the last biggest duel before the film ended, it was not clarified about the whereabouts of Pierre Ngo's role. Also, his screen time in the film was not much, he didn't even have a name, we only know that he's a gang member under the leader Francis Ng. It was said that in "The Academy 4", he will come back for revenge, going after Laughing Gor. This TVB artist, Pierre Ngo made a breakthrough with his villain role as the "Big Young Master" - Chiang Bit Man , in "Rosy Business". His popularity has rise and this time he gets another opportunity to develop his skills as the "villain" in the fourth installment of "The Academy". Pierre accepted an interview through the phone and revealed that TVB has already contacted him about this, but "did not receive an official notification to do this series."

Also, in the film "Turning Point" it was never clarified if Tracy Ip, Felix Wong and Yuen Biu died or not. It was said that Tracy was identified, in the film she was the lawyer who represents the Triad, but in the new series, she will play as Pierre's assistant for their revenge. In the film, Felix played a major role as the senior police officer, in the series he will continue to play this role, sounds reasonable.

[Verify] Wait until end of 2009 for the final decision

TVB Foreign Affairs Director Peter Tsang accepted an interview from the press and expressed that "The Academy 4" is not official yet, but the Producer Wong Wai Sing already suggested to TVB for plans to shoot another police drama: "there is a possibility that we will use the original cast members from the series, but it will not necessarily be titled 'The Academy 4'"

Reporters contacted Sammul Chan for clarification, his manager Ivy expressed that they have not received any news about it. "Sammul recently attended the costume fitting for his new series "Comeback Family" (翻叮一族). I don't know when 'The Academy" will be arranged." As for "E.U" main female lead YAU YAU, Elanne Kong expressed that she does not know about a part 4 installment, but she expressed that she is currently recording for her new songs, probably will need 1-2 months for that. From all the sources, it seems like "The Academy 4" will probably happen, may need to wait until the end of the year before we know for sure.

Rumors for "The Academy 4"? TVB reveals production plans & plot 30773410
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