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Nanny rented baby out

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Nanny rented baby out Empty Nanny rented baby out

Post by Matchbox on Sat Nov 07, 2009 6:50 pm

NEW DELHI - A NANNY in India's IT hub of Bangalore was fired after she regularly drugged a seven-month-old baby in her care and rented him out for US$2 (S$2.80) a day to be used by street beggars, a newspaper reported on Friday.

The child's mother found her baby missing when one day she returned home early from work at a multi-national firm, the Times of India newspaper said.

The nanny confessed to have been renting out the baby for the past three weeks, it said.

Beggars with babies are a common sight at traffic signals and roads in cities and towns of India, where giving alms is traditionally considered a way of gaining spiritual merit.

Rising female employment and a preference for nuclear families in India means more children are being handed over to hired help for care when parents go off to work.
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