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Dicky Cheung responds to marriage Crisis Reports

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Dicky Cheung responds to marriage Crisis Reports Empty Dicky Cheung responds to marriage Crisis Reports

Post by Matchbox on Fri Dec 04, 2009 5:02 am

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Dicky Cheung responds to marriage Crisis Reports

Dicky Cheung responds to marriage Crisis Reports 120400282046b1

Dicky Cheung and wife Jess Zhang's marriage is rumored to be on the rocks with the additition of rumored third party Ruby Lin. Yesterday Dicky appeared at an event in Hong Kong. He stated that it was impossible. He said "Why would there be a marriage crisis so early? We only just got married. It's hard to change in a marriage within the next 30 years". When Dicky was asked about rumored third party Ruby Lin, he replied "I worked with her in TV series (The Duke of Mountdeer 2000). Afterwards we met each other once or twice. Jess works with her often and she sees her more than me. I must respond to this in a serious tone. It definitley impossible". As for Jess stating that she doesn't know what the future may bring. Dicky replied "I agree, perhaps when Jess is 60 years old she will tell me she has met a 80 year old man who is more mature than me. Also with hair".

Although it was reported that Jess had become much more slimmer recently, Dicky said "She has always been that slim". He also revealed that he is going on vacation with Jess and his family.

Regarding the reports Jess calmly said "Reports on the internet are half true and false. You cannot believe them. We are currently very happy together. Nobody knows what may happen in the future". Jess praised Ruby for working hard. As for plans in having children, Jess replied "I don't have the courage to consider that right now". She previously had a miscarriage.

Ruby responded to the rumored reports and expressed that she had not been in contact with Dicky since shooting (The Duke of Mountdeer 2000).
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