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2012: End of the World

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2012: End of the World Empty 2012: End of the World

Post by Vivien on Tue Jun 23, 2009 4:01 pm

2012: End of the World 2qlvbcy

2012: End of the World

Benny Chan
Leila Tong
Raymond Lam
Tavia Yeung


December 21, 2012. Doomsday.

Though it is just the beginning of a journey in life for some, the remaining time is limited. Wherever there is life, there will be death and there are no exceptions. Although 2012 seems far from reach, preparation should be made as we silently wait for this devastating moment. What lies ahead of us is still a mystery and only time will tell but where there is hope, there will be a brighter future. It is time to shed a tear and wave goodbye to our beautiful world. Take one last glance, inhale one last breath, and make one last prayer.

2012. The end.


Supporting Cast:
Ron Ng
Sammul Chan
Selena Li
Wayne Lai


Twisting and turning on his bed, he fought to open his eyes. Sweat oozing down his forehead, his eyes scrunched even tighter as he lost the battle. A blurry scene started to play right under his eyelids. As he finally let loose and laid there helplessly, the same nightmare that he’s been having for thousands of years repeated. Faintly, he could hear ...

“Have you decided upon the path you and your siblings are to take?” a godly voice questioned.

“Yes,” he mumbled in his sleep.

“Very well then, life or death, it’s all in your hands,” the voice pressured, “Remember, 2012.”

2012. 2012. 2012. The numbers played repeatedly in his head in that exact sequence. He shot up from his sleep and sat facing the window. Taking heavy breaths, he turned around to see his two siblings sound asleep as if none of this concerned them. Looking out the window, he watched as a delicate butterfly fluttered by. “2012 ...” he repeated quietly to himself.


Copyright by Vivien. April 9, 2009.

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2012: End of the World Empty Chapter 1: Heaven's Knock

Post by Vivien on Tue Jun 23, 2009 4:02 pm

Chapter 1: Heaven's Knock

The corridor was motionless. No whispers were heard about but the grievous sob of a young lady in her twenties. Waiting outside the operation room, Tavia Yeung anticipated the news that the surgeons are to bring to her. Panting heavily as she choked on her tears, she reluctantly reached over to the bag that the police officer had given her. Reaching in ever so slowly, she froze when moisture crept onto her hand. Her eyes were now swollen as she pulled out the blood drenched shirt that her brother was wearing not long ago.

“Tavia!” a panicked voice called out to her. Tavia looked up as her best friend approached her. “It’ll be alright, he’ll make it through,” Selena attempted to comfort her though knowing that it would do the least. Selena pulled her best friend into a deep embrace as the two waited impatiently for the lights to go off.


[Three Years Later: June 2012]

Selena gave Tavia a comforting pat on the shoulder as she watched her friend place a bouquet of flowers on the grave. Tavia stepped back and smiled at her brother’s picture which was tightly secured in place. “Don’t worry,” Tavia began talking to her brother who now resided in heaven, “I’m no longer the little wimp that hides behind her older brother all the time because ...”

“Because you hide behind your boyfriend now,” the sudden sound of his voice startled her.

“Ron!” Tavia turned around to caress him, “What are you doing here?”

“To see if you’ve complained to your brother about me,” he answered casually. Selena shook her head at the loving couple. “What are you so disappointed about?” Ron turned to face Selena.

“Have you two forgotten that I’m still here?” Selena questioned, “I guess I should just leave you two alone.” With that, Selena paced off.

“Where are you going?” Tavia called out to her departing friend’s back.

“To find someone to cuddle with,” Selena teased. Without turning around to see her best friend’s reaction, she continued off.

“She has a boyfriend?” Ron looked at Tavia. Tavia answered him with a shrug as she was clueless and knew nothing more than he did.


The sun shone brightly through the clouds on this hot summer day. The petite girl standing by the streets patted her head as the sun was burning her black silky hair. “Taxi, taxi ...” Selena took frequent glances at her watch while waving frantically at the busy street yet no taxi turned the corner. When she could no longer withstand the heat that was penetrating through her skull, she searched through her handbag for her shawl. “Finally ...” she let out a sigh of relief when her head was relieved from the burning sun. Pulling the shawl over to cover her face, she bounced up and down on the spot, waiting eagerly for a taxi to come by. Minutes passed after minutes and there seems to be no taxi on the busy streets. “Can’t a girl find a taxi when she needs one?” Selena cursed her bad luck. Looking around, her lips formed a circle and gradually a charming smile crept across her face at the sight of an approaching taxi. With big gestures, she finally waved the taxi in. “At last ...” Selena advanced towards the taxi, “Hey! Oh no you don’t!”

“Sorry Mrs,” a well built man turned to apologize for taking advantage of the situation.

“Mrs?” Selena casted out, she didn’t feel like being kind today. Grabbing the door before he could close it, Selena got onto the taxi making him scoot over. “Get off my taxi!” she hurled.

The man looked at her with an odd expression plastered on his face. Selena scrunched her eyebrows, wondering why this rude gentleman was looking at her in such a way. Snickering to himself, “Sorry Mrs but I’m in a hurry. Do you mind if I take this taxi, please?”

“Stop calling me Mrs!” Selena’s voice echoed in his ears. “You don’t go calling me Mrs and then ask if you can steal my taxi!” Selena removed the shawl that was covering her face, “I’m not married! Do I look that old to you? Now get off!”

“I’m so sorry Miss,” he apologized. “I called you Mrs out of respect since I couldn’t see your features clearly under that lovely shawl,” he emphasized the word lovely.

Having been waiting for a couple ten minutes now, the taxi driver finally made his call, “Have you two decided where you want to go yet?”

Noticing that the taxi driver was getting angry, the gentleman put on a few tears to make this girl sympathize with him. “Oh Miss, you have no idea ...” he started.

“Yes, I do have no idea what you want,” Selena rolled her eyes as she felt that he was pestering her way too much by now, “All I know is that you have to get off!”

“No Miss, you have no idea!” he started again, hoping that she would give him a chance to speak.

“No Sir, you have no idea,” Selena mocked, “You have no idea how much I want to kick you out of this car.”

“No Miss!” he exclaimed, tears forming in his eyes. He moved in closer to her. “Please, listen to me,” he begged, “My grandfather ... he’s in the hospital right now. You have to let me go ... this could possibly be my last chance to see him. What if ...” He was running out of ideas.

Edging away, Selena was starting to believe him. “Alright, fine!” she stated and quickly got out of the car. Back on the streets, she watched as the taxi she worked hard to get drove away.

The young man sat comfortably in the backseat while wiping his tears away. Turning his head slightly backward, he could see her endlessly searching for another taxi. He smiled proudly at himself. Looking up, he could see the taxi driver giving him a glare through the rear-view mirror. Chuckling to himself, he looked down to avoid further eye contact with the driver.


The sound of classical music filled the air in the little café styled with an antique feel. The chairs and tables were separated just enough so that each customer was satisfied with their personal space. Waiters and waitresses were dressed accordingly. “Hello Sir, Madame,” the waitress greeted the couple with a slight nod, “How may I help you today?”

“A latte for this lady and a coffee for myself, please,” Ron smiled to thank the waitress for recording his order. Watching his girlfriend place the maroon napkin on her lap, “You just have to be so hygienic don’t you?”

Tavia smiled. For some reason, she loved how Ron would comment on everything she does. The tingling feeling she gets from him could not be described by words. “How was work today?” she wanted to know what was going on in his career life.

Ron leaned back on his seat and watched as the waitress came with their drinks. “It was alright. Just another typical workday with angry customers,” Ron smiled to himself at his encounters.

Inching closer to pick out his smile, “Anything interesting happened today?” It was really easy for her to tell whether there was anything on his mind. She had always wondered how he became a successful business man since he reveals everything on his face. His expressions were indeed priceless.

Twirling the spoon in his coffee and then looking up at his love, he smiled again. “Remember how I told you about Mr Chan? Well, we had to sell him our proposal today and you know what he does?” Ron was getting excited about his story.

On the far end of the same café, a youthful girl poked at her freshly baked Danish. Watching the strawberry flavoured liquid spill out, she scooped it up with her fork and brought it towards her mouth to savour it. Another fork suddenly moves towards her messy plate and she frowns as her Danish disappears. “Eat your own Danish Ray!” she pouted.

“I already finished it,” Raymond replied with crumbs flying in the air. Realizing his impoliteness he laughed nervously before covering his Danish filled mouth.

Brushing off the crumbs from her shirt, “You’re such a messy eater. You seriously need a lesson or two on mannerism.” Picking up her fork again, she stabs the Danish that now sits on Raymond’s plate.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Raymond asked as the two pulled back and forth on their target Danish.

“It’s mine!” she argued, “You’re such a pig! Go order another one ...”

“It’s not like you’re eating it!” he argued too, “Just let me have it and ...” The two watched as the Danish slips both their forks and flies off in the air. Raymond watched nervously while his sister covered her eyes.

“Gross!” a displeased customer shot up from her seat, “Give me the bill, the bill!”

A waiter came rushing to her side with the bill in his hand. “I am terribly sorry Madame,” the waiter apologized as the angered woman stormed out of the restaurant.

“Look what you did, Raymond!” she muttered with her teeth clenched together.

“It’s your fault, why did you fight over it with me,” Raymond said as he tried to release his sleeves from her grasp.

“Raymond, Leila,” their older brother finally spoke, “Have you two not embarrassed yourselves enough yet?” The two, now feeling embarrassed slowly dropped their heads down, waiting for their older brother, Wayne to give them a lecture. “Go pay the bill and let’s leave,” Wayne told Raymond.

Their heads shot up immediately and Raymond heads off to pay the bill. “We can finally leave now?” Leila was feeling excited as she got awfully bored of this café. Wayne rolled his eyes and shook his head before leaving the restaurant. Leila turned to look at Raymond while he shrugs her off and hurries off to catch up to his brother. Leila sighed dramatically before stomping off as well.


“Yes dad,” Benny was talking to his father over the phone, “I’ll bring her home for you to meet one day. Trust me, your son has great taste. Tonight? Isn’t that a little too soon? You’re going to scare her away. Oh, I’m not worried about mom, I’m worried about you and grandma. You two never run out of breath.” Benny was happily chatting away when the front door cracked open and in stepped his father. “Hey, why did you hang up on me?” Benny asked when he realized the absence of his father’s phone.

“I didn’t ...” the voice on the other end answered. Benny’s eyes widened the instant he perceived the answer. Shifting his focus between the voice from his phone and his father who lazily kicked off his shoes, Benny rose to his feet. With one eyebrow raised, he rotated his head to scan the room. Somehow, someway, the room had just turned gloomy. Shivering to himself, he quickly hung up the phone and dashed up the stairs.

Passing by his mother who was carrying the laundry, Benny noticed her pale and expressionless facial features but hurried off without stopping to care. “Pst ...” a soft whisper came through the open doors. Benny turned to see his grandmother waving him in.

“What is it grandma?” Benny asked, feeling a little concerned about the situation. Making himself comfortable by her bedside, “Grandma ... have you noticed any strange happenings?”

The old lady nodded. “Come here sonny,” she directed.

Bringing his ears closer to assure his hearings, “I heard father’s voice over the phone but he wasn’t talking to me.” Benny couldn’t even believe himself after registering what he had just said. No way would his grandmother believe him.

“This world is stranger than you think,” she explained to her confused grandson. Benny paid close attention to her speech for he felt that this would be a valuable lesson. “Look out the window my dear,” she pointed at the creamy clouds, “What do you see?” Benny silently awaited an answer, “A horse? A dog? A flower?”

Observing the cloud carefully, “I see ... a cloud.” Benny tried hard but yet the cloud still appears to be a cloud.

She laughed quietly to herself and nodded, “Sometimes I would see a horse. Other times a dog and yet other times a flower. But when I look at it again, it’s only but a cloud.” Benny shook his head to express his confusion. “Life is full of surprises,” she clarified herself, “What meets the eye may not be and those wrongly perceived may come to you unexpected.” A long pause separated their conversation. “Do you believe in spirits, son?” she asked.


At last, Selena had finally made it to her destination. “Phew,” she sighed to herself, “Made it just on time.” Dragging her tired legs, Selena pulled herself to the elevators in the building. Recognizing the familiar figure waiting for the elevator, she tapped him heavily on the back, “It’s you!”

The man’s eyes widened to see her again. “Well what do you know? We meet again,” he greets nervously. Spinning around to avoid her, he could feel her glare upon him.

“So this is a hospital?” Selena questioned, annoyed by the fact that she’s been tricked, “How is your grandfather? Is he dead yet?”

“Okay! I lied to you, so what?” he shouted, “That was very rude to ask. It wouldn’t be nice if I asked whether your mother is dead yet, now would it?”

Knowing she was at fault, “Geez, sorry!” Selena peeked to see whether he was angry with her. When the empty elevator arrived, the two stepped in. “So uh ... you live here?” Selena decided that it was better to make a friend than a foe, “What floor?”

“Sixteen,” he replied, pressing the number sixteen.

“What a coincidence,” Selena smiled, “I’m heading to the sixteenth floor also.” She extended an arm out for a handshake, “I’m Selena.”

“Sammul,” he replied, shaking her hand, “My friend lives in lot B.”

“What?” Selena was surprised, “My boyfriend lives in lot B.” The elevator came to a rest and the doors flew open, a loud scream echoed from lot B. Hearing the scream, Selena dashed out of the elevator to ring the doorbell, hoping for someone to answer.

“Let me get it,” Sammul stated as he pulls out the house keys, “I’ve got the keys.”


Having his grandmother’s words in mind, Benny carefully made his way into the dark room. “Your father has been cursed. He exists as two now. One, the one you saw downstairs is good at heart, find him and he will assist you. The other, in his room now, will do whatever he can to rid you,” his grandmother had told him.

The door creaked as Benny slowly forced it open. The wind gushed through the window’s opening. The drapes heaved up with every blow of the wind. Benny tiptoed in with his back glued to the wall. He squinted his eyes to focus his vision. Unaware, a pair of hands crept up on him and is now wrapped tightly around his neck. The pressure that was exerted on his neck withdrew his ability to breathe. A loud scream filled the air.


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2012: End of the World Empty Chapter 2: A Count of Five

Post by Vivien on Sat Jul 25, 2009 3:15 pm

Chapter 2: A Count of Five

The room was pitch black, movement seemed to slow down by the second. With his eyes scrunched tight, his attempt to wiggle away from the tight grasp around his neck failed. For every turn he made, the nails from the pair of hands dug deeper into his skin. He tried to open his mouth to call for help but only a suffocating cough came out. His heart rate that shot up minutes ago was now slowing to a stop. It was over.

Twisting and turning, he ventured to free himself from this horrifying nightmare. At last, his eyes popped open and he shot up into a sitting position. Examining the peaceful environment, he realized that he was in his room. A nightmare was all it was. Pulling himself out of the covers, he felt a cold breeze sweep through his toes. Kicking on his pink fluffy slippers, he left his peaceful room to the loud living room where his friend should be.

No one was in the living room. His attention immediately turned to the fidgeting from the door. Holding his breath, he wiped the sweat from his forehead. Was his nightmare going to happen in reality? Or was this only another part of his dream? He watched as the door flung open and there stood his friend and girlfriend.

“Are you alright?” Selena’s voice echoed the room. She stepped in front of him to grab a hold of his hand. Looking up at him, she found his stare avoiding hers.

Giving her a quick hug, “I’m fine. Could you get me a cup of water?” She nodded before pouring him a cup of hot water from the kettle.

Sammul guided Benny to sit down on the couch, “What’s with all the screaming?” Benny took the cup of water from Selena. Feeling a little awkward, he saw the word concern written all over their faces. “Are you having those nightmares again?” Sammul took a guess.

“What nightmares?” Selena was worrying more than ever. Benny eyed his friend to stop there as he didn’t want Selena to worry over him.

Being the good friend he was, Sammul ignored Benny and continued to tell Selena, “He’s been having all these weird nightmares lately. I wonder if it’s supposed to imply something.”

“Imply something? Imply what?” Selena was getting rather confused. This guy seemed way too superstitious for her liking.

“Hey, how about we go grab a drink down at the café?” Benny suggested, trying to ease the awkwardness in the room. “How about it?” he looked at the two for an answer. Seeing them nod, “Alright, let’s go!”


The café was quieter than usual. The customers seemed a little depressed for there was little to no chattering going on. Perhaps it was the rain. Every time it rained, the mood in the atmosphere sank. It was grey and cloudy outside. The chirping of the birds weren’t around. Only the sound of rain splashing on the roads and the cars that passed by was heard.

Tavia looked down at her watch and frowned, she was definitely going to be late for work. Ron laughed at her, she was such a worrywart. “Tavia, calm down,” he told her, “It’s your day off. You’re only going back on your personal time to check up on the patients. No one is going to blame you if you show up a little late or don’t show up at all.”

“You’re such bad influence,” she argued, “Being late is being late. There are no excuses. Even though I set the time myself, I want to run on schedule.” Ron rolled his eyes and shook his head at her. “You know I’m right, don’t you?” she smiled proudly to herself.

“Alright, fine, you’re right,” Ron teased, “I’ll see you around then. Don’t get sick in the rain.”

An oval was formed by her lips, “Are you telling me to leave?” She pretended to be disappointed by his answer.

“Hey look!” Ron exclaimed, pointing over her shoulders.

“Stop changing the topic,” she had a feeling he was trying to prank her again, “What? I made you look?”

“No, look!” Ron repeated. Tavia smiled and shook her head, refusing to look where he had his finger pointed. Feeling defeated, Ron grabbed her head with both hands and turned it around.

“Ouch! My neck! My neck!” Tavia squealed, “Selena?”

“I told you to look,” Ron said. Slapping his arms lightly, Tavia finally got him to release her head. She didn’t want to look like a fool in front of these two gentlemen.

“Tavia? Aren’t you supposed to be at the hospital right now?” Selena approached the couple.

“Yeah, but it’s raining,” Tavia replied, “These two are?”

“Oh,” Selena had almost forgotten to introduce them, “This is my boyfriend, Benny. This is his friend, Sammul. And this is my best friend, Tavia and her boyfriend, Ron.”

The three, each found themselves a seat and ordered their drinks. “So you were in a hurry to go visit your boyfriend?” Tavia asked.

“Yeah,” Ron added, “What took you so long? It’s been hours since you left.”

Selena turned to give Sammul a death glare, “That’s why.” Ron had no idea what she was talking about but decided to nod anyways. “Oh Benny,” something flashed Selena’s mind, “Why don’t you tell Tavia about your nightmares? She’s a psychiatrist. I’m sure she can do you some help.”

Tavia looked at Selena and then turned towards Benny, welcoming him to tell her his problems. “Well,” Benny decided to let loose of his problems, “I’ve been having these weird nightmares for the past few months. They’re like small snippets from a movie or something.” He paused when he felt four pairs of eyes gazed upon him. Tavia nodded for him to continue. “I’m always in the dream for one thing,” he continued, “And my grandmother keeps telling me that my father is dead or cursed or something. Then my father tries to kill me! It’s bizarre.”

“Don’t you only dream about things that you’ve seen before?” Selena couldn’t help but to question.

“Yeah,” Sammul added as he was interested in this topic as well, “And when you die in your dreams, don’t you die in reality as well?”

Tavia smiled at the unknowledged crowd before explaining herself, “First of all, dreams are really complex. Up to date, it is still not fully understood how dreams enter our sleep. Although we dream every night, only some dreams are recalled. That is another question that has yet to be answered. As for dying in your dreams, that cannot be proven scientifically. It’s impossible to prove that one has died because they dreamt that they died. There is a theory though. Researchers say that when you dream about dying, it’s usually of you falling down a building or a cliff. That causes your heart rate to increase, that’s why you wake up before you hit the bottom. If you do hit the bottom however, the physical impact is so big that your body might not be able to cope with it. So did you die because of the dream or because of physiological issues? No one has given an answer to that.”

While Tavia was explaining to the crowd about dreams, a man sitting with his back facing them had been eavesdropping on their conversation. Wayne knew that it would be a good idea to come back to the café after taking Raymond and Leila home. Turning around, he counted the number of people. “One, two, three, four, five,” he repeated it again to be certain, “One, two, three, four, five!” He almost jumped up in excitement for he had found the five souls to save the world from its death.

Out of the blue, they noticed that a man had pulled up a chair to join them. “Hello,” he greeted, “My name is Wayne. So you’ve been having this weird dream about your father? Would it be true if I said that your father is already dead?” Wayne turned his focus to Benny.

“Wait a minute,” Ron interrupted, “Who are you? And why were you eavesdropping on our conversation? You want me to call the cops?” Tavia looked at him with nothing to say, Ron understood her and kept his mouth shut.

“Call the cops?” Wayne repeated after Ron, “That’s not necessary. Do you know who I am? My name is Wayne Lai and I need your help. And you have no choice but to help me.”

“What on earth are you talking about?” Selena was in no mood to deal with this strange being.

“Hey look,” Ron pointed out the window, “The sun’s out, let me give you a ride to the hospital.” Ron couldn’t be bothered to say his goodbyes before dragging Tavia out of the café.

“Let’s go Benny,” Selena tugged on his sleeves. When Benny was about to leave, he felt a strong pair of arms sit him back down.

“Well uh, you guys have fun!” Sammul stated before dashing out the door.

“Wait for me!” Selena chased after him, leaving her boyfriend behind.

“Wait, uh ... huh,” Benny stuttered before turning around to see what this man had in mind. “So, what do you want from me? Why don’t you find someone else to help you uh ... save the world or whatever.” Benny attempted to leave but was once again stopped.

“Tell me,” Wayne started, “Did your grandmother ask you if you believed in spirits? How did you answer her?”

Benny was shocked, how did this man know what his grandmother said to him in his dream? And how did he know that his father was indeed dead? “Okay that’s it,” Benny firmly stated, “Who are you and what do you want? I’ve had enough of this guessing game.”

“So do you believe in spirits?” he asked again, “What if I told you that they do exist?”

“What? Are you a vampire now?” Benny was trying his best not to explode at this man who probably had mental problems.

“Hold on a sec,” Wayne said before dashing off into the washroom. Benny didn’t have to wait long before Wayne had returned to his seat politely. “So what were we talking about?” Wayne pretended that he had forgotten.

“We’re talking about how you’re a vampire,” Benny said dramatically. Wayne opened his mouth to reveal his fangs. “W-what was that?” Benny stuttered, “You’re really a vampire? I ... I’ve got to go. See you around.”

“I told you I need your help,” Wayne insisted, “How can I find you?”

“Here’s my number,” Benny scribbled down a few numbers on the napkin before running as fast as his legs could take him. Outside the café, Benny immediately slowed down to a walk. He smiled to himself and thought, vampire? Who are you kidding?


Wayne was whistling as he closed the door behind him. He tossed his keys up and caught it before it fell, “You couldn’t believe it,” Wayne said to his two siblings.

“Give it to me,” Leila jumped up and down, trying to grab the controller out of Raymond’s hand.

“Just let me watch this first,” Raymond said, “You always hog the TV!”

Wayne sat down on the couch. When they finally realized that he was there, they sat down politely and handed the controller to him. “I’ve found the five people we’re looking for. I told you two to be patient at the café,” he explained to them.

“Are you sure it’s them?” Raymond asked, curious as to whether his brother had actually found the people who they’ve been looking for these past years.

“He was having the same dream that I was told,” Wayne’s tone became serious, “Now I just have to get the others to believe me.”

“How did you get one to believe you?” Leila asked, “If I was told that the world is going to end and someone needed my help in saving it, I would’ve thought you were mentally retarded.”

Wayne glared at her to shut up, “I showed him my vampire fangs.” Wayne stuck his fingers into his mouth to take off his fake teeth.

“Are you sure he believes you?” Leila was still not convinced that he had found them.

“So where are they now?” Raymond asked, feeling the same way as Leila.

“They left,” Wayne told them directly.

“Then how are you going to find them?” Leila and Raymond said in unison before sighing at their older brother’s mistake.

“I’ve got his number,” Wayne pulled out the napkin on which the phone number was scribbled, “Let me try calling it.” Taking the phone from the table, he carefully dialled the number. A voice on the other line greeted him. “Hello?” Wayne started but was immediately interrupted. His face turned pale.

“What’s wrong?” Leila asked, grabbing the phone from him and placing it over her ears. Immediately after hearing the message, Leila bursted out into laughters.

“What’s up?” Raymond was curious. He tried to grab the phone from Leila but she had already hung up.

“The rejection line!” Leila stated.


Copyright by Vivien. June 30, 2009.


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2012: End of the World Empty Chapter 3: Beyond Skin Deep

Post by Vivien on Sat Jul 25, 2009 3:16 pm

Chapter 3: Beyond Skin Deep

Stretching his lazy arms, Raymond walked out of his room to meet Leila. Upon seeing her, he immediately dashed into the washroom for he knew that Leila would take an incredible amount of time in it. Seeing that she had lost the battle for the washroom, she pouted and had no choice but to wait.

Having cleaned themselves up, Raymond and Leila sat at the breakfast table and waited for Wayne to cook them their favourite sausages and eggs with toast. Wayne placed the plates of food down before pouring them each a glass of milk.

Half way through the meal, Wayne broke the silence, “So you two need to go look for the five today.” Without further words, Wayne went back to his breakfast. Feeling two pairs of eyes upon him, he looked up once again to see his two siblings giving him the disappointed face. “Yes?” was all he said.

“Do we have to go? Can we not?” Leila asked even though she knew the answer.

Seeing the expression on Wayne’s face, Raymond nudged Leila softly, “We’ll go after breakfast.” Wayne nodded and the rest of the meal was silent apart from the noises created by the cutlery.


Down by the café at the core of the city, Raymond and Leila were looking all over for the five chosen ones. “Raymond, how are we going to find them if we don’t even know how they look?” Leila asked a clever question as Raymond could only shrug his shoulders. “This is all your fault,” Leila complained as usual.

“How is it my fault?” Raymond asked while keeping an eye out for a group of five, “Everything is my fault.”

“Of course it is,” Leila agreed, “Why are you even looking around? There’s no point when you don’t know what you’re looking for, stupid!”

“Just look for five people together,” Raymond randomly answered as that was what he was looking for.

“Just because they are the chosen five, it doesn’t mean that they’re always together! Use your brain, dummy!” Leila explained to her older brother, he seemed to have the brain of a five year old.

“Now what?” Raymond had finally realized that Leila was right.

“You’re asking me?” Leila’s eyes landed on a store, “Well, you’ve asked the right person. Come!” Leila dragged Raymond into a video rental store and they snuck over to the video games section.

The two tried game after game for about an hour before a sale representative finally noticed them. “Excuse me Sir, Madame,” he interrupted them politely, “Would you like to purchase a game? You’ve been trying them out for quite some time now.”

“We’ll decide and come back tomorrow,” Leila said when she realized they were in for some trouble. Once again, she dragged Raymond with her but this time, it was out of the store.

Once the two stepped out of the video store, they ran for their lives. Although Leila was blessed with a clever mind, she was rather clumsy. Running faster than she can control, Leila ran directly into a man with a cart. “Are you alright Miss?” the man asked.

“Does it look like I’m alright?” Leila cursed, her leg was hurting like there’s no tomorrow.

Hearing his sister’s voice, Raymond turned around and sighed, “What happened now?”

“She ran into me,” the man said before hurrying off.

“Let me see,” Raymond said, grabbing her leg with his hands. Upon feeling his touch, Leila kicked as hard as she could to release her leg from his grip. “You don’t have to kick me you know?” he glared.

“Sorry,” Leila said, “Natural reflexes.”

“I think you’ve sprained your ankle or broken a bone,” Raymond guessed, “I guess I’ll have to take you to the hospital. What a bother.”


“Doctor Yeung, the new patient is in room number twelve,” the nurse told Tavia. She nodded to thank the nurse before heading over to room twelve with her. Looking in through the small window, Tavia examined the girl in her mid twenties. She looked overly nervous and was shaking nonstop. “She thinks that the world is going to end,” the nurse spoke again before handing the files to Tavia and leaving her with her patient.

Tavia turned the doorknob slowly and made her way towards the girl. “Hello, I’m Doctor Yeung,” Tavia greeted, trying to make her feel at home, “I’m here to help you.”

The girl looked at Tavia, giving her a glare that made Tavia feel rather uncomfortable. “The world is going to end,” the girl stated, “The world is going to end! It’s going to end! December! 2012!” The girl spun around and around in the room, almost ignoring Tavia’s presence.

Tavia closed the door behind her as she left the patient’s room. Spotting a young man looking lost, she decided to offer some help as she was familiar with the hospital, “Sir, are you lost? Which room are you looking for?”

The man looked up at her to be attracted by her beauty, “Oh, I’m just looking for the washroom.” He stood there next to her, he had a special feeling around her.

“Down the hall and to your right,” Tavia gave him the directions.

“Thank you,” he replied, “My name is Raymond by the way.” He extended his hand out for a handshake and Tavia accepted it.

“I’m Doctor Yeung but you can call me Ta-,” she introduced herself.

“Tavia right?” Raymond smiled. Tavia’s expression revealed her curiosity, how did he know her name. Raymond pointed his finger towards her chest. Tavia’s eyes widened when she felt him invading her. “Oh no,” Raymond knew what she was thinking, “I mean your name is written on your shirt.”

“The world is coming to an end!” the voice inside the room came through.

“Is that your patient? She seems to think the world is coming to an end,” Raymond said, “Do you believe her?”

“Don’t be silly. I’ve seen many cases like hers and they all say the world is coming to an end but it never does. Whoever believes them has got to have some psychological disorders,” Tavia smiled before leaving him there.

“Raymond,” Leila’s voice came from down the hall, “What took you so long? And why are you here at the psychiatry area?”

“I was just looking for the washroom,” Raymond explained, “It’s over there. Wait for me at the front entrance.”


“How are we going to tell big brother about my leg?” Leila was worried, she knew he was going to punish her if he found out they weren’t doing as they were told.

“You guys are finally back,” Wayne’s face lightened up when he saw them coming through the door. “How was it? Did you find ... what happened to your leg, Leila?”

“I uh ...” Leila was speechless so she tugged on Raymond’s sleeve. Wayne looked up at him for an answer. Seeing that Wayne was already angered, Raymond decided to tell him the truth.

Immediately after Raymond finished his last sentence, Wayne spoke his mind. “What did I tell you two?” Wayne began his lecture, “Why don’t you two ever grow up? All you two ever do is play and have fun. There are other things you need to do and those are far more important than anything else right now. Do I have to ...”

Raymond cut him off, “You always order us to do stuff! Why don’t you care about us instead? Leila broke her leg and all you care about is how we didn’t obey your orders. We’re not your slaves you know? Give us some freedom. No one is going to believe us if we said that the world is going to end. I’ve even asked professionals.” After his speech, Raymond immediately regretted it so he left to his room and slammed the door shut. Wayne was furious. He watched as Raymond slammed the door, turned over to Leila to give her one last glare before heading into his room and slamming his own door. Leila stood there, helpless of the situation.


Wandering the streets to clear her mind from her brothers’ fight, Leila walked around endlessly. When she felt tired from walking with her crutches, she spotted no chairs to sit down on. Seeing that there was a library nearby, she decided to go in to enjoy a light read.

The library was quiet with only the sound of pages being flipped. Leila scanned the sections and her eyes landed on the one that read supernatural. Squeezing herself through the tables, she made it into the correct aisle. Having to move around with crutches made her clumsier than she already was. Tripping over her own foot, Leila managed to push over a couple of books. Bending over, she tried to pick them up when a pair of arms did her the favour.

“Here you go,” he handed the books back to her.

“Thanks,” Leila said, grabbing the books from him and returning them to their spots, “My name is Leila. Nice to meet you.”

“Benny,” he replied, “I don’t see many girls interested in this kind of stuff. You enjoy reading about it?” Leila nodded before grabbing a book to search for a seat. She frowned when no seats were available. “No seat?” Benny asked, “I booked a study room over there, you can come along if you like. I’m alone anyways.” Leila smiled and accepted the offer.

The two dropped their bags and sat down on the round table. “So why are you interested in the supernatural?” Leila asked.

“No reason,” Benny replied, “Though I do think they exist. How about you? Do you believe in them or do you just read for the fun of it?”

“I guess you’ve found the right person to talk to,” Leila said, “I believe in them. I have to.”

“Hmm?” Benny found her to be a little strange, “You have to? No one can force you to if you don’t. It’s just your personal thought about it. Hey, would you believe me if I told you there are vampires?”

Leila laughed, “You saw one?”

“Nah,” Benny laughed along, “I’ve never seen one. Just trying to scare you but I guess it didn’t work. But I do dream about weird things all the time. Sometimes I start to believe in my dreams. They feel so real and I dream about the same thing all the time.”

The two shared same interests so it was easy for them to get along. They felt very comfortable with each other so they chatted hours away. “Look at the time,” Leila looked at her watch, “I better get going.” With that said, Leila picked up her bag and started towards the door.

“Hey, can I get your number?” Benny stood up, ready to chase after her. Leila turned around and nodded. Leaving the room, Leila felt a sense of familiarity with the dream he had told her. Suddenly she remembered what her brother said to her.


After a long day’s work with peculiar patients, Tavia finally arrived at her house. Swinging the door open, “Selena! I’m ho-oh my goodness! What on earth happened here? Am I in the wrong house?” She scanned the place to see all her belongings scattered about. Immediately, her best friend’s safety popped into her mind. Seeing that Selena wasn’t in the house, Tavia was relieved. Grabbing the phone from the counter, she dialled Selena’s number but nobody picked up. Not wanting to clean up the mess on her own, she decided to call Ron for a little assistance.

The doorbell rang and Tavia opened the door to see Ron’s expression change immediately. “I didn’t think it would be this bad,” Ron tried to find empty parts of the hardwood floor to make his way into the house. “Did you check if anything valuable is missing? You need to report it to the police.”

Tavia nodded and went into her room to check on her valuables. Ron was organizing the mess on the floor when he suddenly heard the high pitched scream of his girlfriend. Rushing to her side, “Are you hurt? Where did you hurt yourself?”

Tavia shook her head and showed Ron the little tin box where she kept a large sum of money. “It’s all gone,” Tavia sighed, “I can’t believe they found this and took all the money.”

“Don’t let it get to you,” Ron encouraged her, “Your career is soaring and you’ll make a lot more money in the future. And besides, I’m here to take care of all your needs so there’s nothing for you to worry about. As long as you’re safe then it’s all good, right?”

Tavia smiled and nodded, seeing how supportive her boyfriend was. “Wait!” Tavia cried, “Selena! I couldn’t contact her. What if she was home when someone broke into the house and she’s hurt?”

“I think she’ll be okay,” Ron said, “I came by this afternoon and saw her creeping out from the building like someone’s after her or something. She should be alright. It seemed like she was going to see her boyfriend with that big purse of hers. Wonder what’s in there.” Ron was trying to ease the tension he saw in Tavia.

Tavia picked up the clock that was sitting on the floor, it seemed to have stopped working from the fall. “When did you see her?” Tavia asked, hoping that it was before the thieves had come.

“It was around three o’clock,” Ron assumed, “I remember when I was listening to that radio show.”

“Are you sure?” Tavia’s eyes turned red and eventually tears came trickling down.

“What’s wrong, Tavia?” Ron felt concerned, “I’m sure Selena will be alright. There’s nothing you need to worry about. How about you call her again?”

“Do you think Selena ... Selena stole it?” Tavia managed to utter out.

“What are you talking about?” Ron questioned, “Why would Selena make such a big mess if she was to steal it? She knows where it is so she could’ve just taken it.”

“Look,” Tavia showed Ron the clock, it read 2:56 PM. “Let me give her another call,” Tavia picked up the phone and dialled Selena’s number once again. It rung a few times before it connected. “Selena?” Tavia immediately called out.

“Ta ... Tavia?” Selena’s voice was stuttering, “I’m ... I’m ... are you ... uh ... are you looking for me?”

“Why are you stuttering? You don’t want it to be me?” Tavia interrogated, “Was it you, Selena? Did you do it? Why did it have to be you?”

“I’m sorry!” Selena’s voice rang through the phone. The call ended.

Tavia slowly let the phone drop from her hand before breaking out into a cry. Ron picked up the phone and placed it back onto the charger, he knew what was going on. “Tav ...” he began.

“Oh Ron, why did it have to be her? Why did she take my money for? She could’ve just asked me. I would’ve given it to her, I’m not concerned about the money, but why?” tears continued to roll down her rosy cheeks. “Why?” she whispered. Ron felt his heart ache. He wrapped his arms around her to hug her as tight as he could to let her feel his love. “Ron, did I do anything wrong?” Tavia asked. Ron shook his head. “Then why did she do it? I feel so ... so betrayed. Of all people, my best friend! She’s like my sister. I can’t believe she would do such a thing to me. This world is so dark and cold. How can I learn to trust anyone anymore? Tell me, Ron.”

Ron hadn’t seen her like this in a long time. When he first met her, she often cried because she lost her brother. She was afraid to interact and touch the society and it was Selena and himself who helped her. Now Tavia has fallen back but this time it was because of her best friend. Ron knew that deep inside, Tavia had just lost a sister.


Copyright by Vivien. July 4, 2009.


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2012: End of the World Empty Chapter 4: New Home, New Love

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Chapter 4: New Home, New Love

Raymond flinched when the soft buzzing sound of his alarm woke him up. He got out of bed and made his way out of the room. It was his daily routine to fight over the washroom with Leila. But today, he just watched as his younger sister stumbled in. He didn’t feel the energy to fight with her this morning. He wasn’t in the mood to, not after yesterday’s boisterous argument with Wayne. When Leila finally came out, Raymond went in. He brushed his teeth, washed his face, did his business and headed towards the living room. Seeing that Wayne was sitting there speechless, Raymond knew he was in for some trouble. Leila eyed him to apologize.

“Big brother,” Leila shook Wayne’s arm, hoping that he would say something to clear up the mess.

“I don’t hear an apology,” Wayne answered, but directed it at Raymond.

Raymond smiled, knowing that he had already been forgiven. All he had to do was apologize, “I’m sorry about yesterday.” He sat down between Wayne and Leila, “I’ll go make breakfast and then we’ll go search for the chosen ones again.” Leila didn’t know how to react. She was delighted that her brothers were in better terms but she really didn’t want to search for those five.

Leila sighed, “You should’ve said you’d go get breakfast. This is just a croissant, you didn’t make it.” She stuffed the croissant in her mouth and rolled her eyes at Raymond.

“Be happy that you get something to eat,” Raymond gave her the death glare.

Taking a sip from the glass of orange juice, “Oh, did I tell you two we’re going to be moving tomorrow?” Wayne took a bite out of his croissant, “You know we can’t stay in one place for over twenty years. People will realize that we don’t age, especially you two. I’ve already found us a new apartment.”

It turns out that they didn’t have to go searching today. They were too busy packing up everything they needed or wanted to move to the new apartment. Digging through the old stuff that they haven’t touched for years, Leila spotted an old booklet, the writing inside looked almost like drawings. “Big brother,” she called, “What is this?”

The two men approached Leila for both of them were curious as to what she had discovered. Wayne took the booklet from her and sat down on the couch, “Do you two remember when we first received the order to prevent the destruction of the world?” The pair of siblings shook their heads shamefully. “Then let me remind you,” Wayne told it like a story, “Approximately fifteen hundred years ago, we were told that the world will have three potential death dates. The first two resulted in World War I and World War II. With these, humans were able to surpass them alone. The third date will arrive within months. The normal human cannot see, cannot touch, and cannot feel this last battle. Eight souls are chosen and amongst them are the three of us, each with special powers.”


“Be careful with my cosmetics table, Ray!” Leila scolded him for his carelessness, “Why are we carrying everything ourselves? We could’ve paid them to bring it up for us.”

“Yes, we could’ve but it would burn a whole in my wallet,” Wayne said.

“Since when did we non-humans care so much about money?” Raymond teased. He could feel Wayne’s glare land on him, “This is great exercise though!”

After hours of struggling, the trio finally brought all their belongings to the floor of their new apartment. The problem now was getting it inside. The elevator door opened and a voice called out from behind the drawer that blocked it’s entrance, “Does anyone mind moving this aside please?”

Leila was getting grumpy. She hasn’t worked this hard in ages. Mumbling to herself, Leila moved the drawer on her own as Wayne and Raymond were inside. At last, the drawer moved enough so that the man behind it could squeeze through. “Are you alright, Miss?” he kindly questioned when he noticed her mumbling to herself.

Leila’s eyes were droopy but they immediately lit up when they landed on his charming features. “Oh, I’m fine,” her tone changed, “I’m so sorry about this getting in your way. We’re just moving in today. I guess you’re our new neighbour. I’m Leila.”

He shook her hand politely, “My name is Ron. Do you need help? A girl like you wouldn’t be able to carry all this by yourself.” Though not literally, Leila could feel herself drooling all over him. She nodded to show her appreciation for his help.

“It’s you!” Wayne’s voice interrupted Leila’s thoughts. Ron directed his attention towards the voice’s origin and to his surprise, there stood that creepy old man. Without thinking, Ron darted into his apartment and slammed the door closed.

“You scared him away,” Leila pouted.

After the house was organized, Wayne sat Leila down. “Who was that guy? How did you meet him?” he asked, hoping he and Leila were in better terms.

“He’s our neighbour. I just met him outside before you barged in on us,” Leila replied coldly.

Raymond brought them each a drink and sat down next to Leila, “Why are we so interested in him, Lei?” Raymond always managed to tease her for something.

“He’s one of them,” Wayne explained, “Remember how I told you I met the five before? He was one of them.”

“Then it would be easy for us to find him,” Raymond said.

“That reminds me!” something suddenly popped into her head, “Big brother, remember you told me about the dream? I met him! He told me the same dream that you told me. It was in the library, I think it’s him at least.” Leila described his features to Wayne.

“That’s him,” Wayne smiled, “Can you contact him in anyway?”

Leila pulled out her cell phone, “I’ve got his number!”

“Are you sure it’s not the rejection line?” Raymond laughed, remembering his brother’s encounter with this guy.


Benny looked at his phone and smiled to himself. She had just called him up and they were going to meet at the little café. He searched for the right clothes, gelled his hair, and sprayed himself with perfume before leaving the house.

Arriving at the café, he saw Leila waving at him. “Hey, Le ...” he was about to greet her but when he approached them, he caught sight of Wayne. “Who is he?” Benny questioned Leila, hoping they were in no way related.

“You don’t remember me?” Wayne asked, “Are you sure you don’t remember who you gave the rejection hotline to?”

“Sorry,” Leila whispered, “But what my brother told you last time is not a joke. It’s true. You really need to help us.” Pulling out a chair, “Come sit down first.” Benny didn’t know whether or not he should believe them, but he decided to sit down anyway.

“Okay, so what’s the deal about saving the world?” Benny began. The environment didn’t feel very comforting to him. Rotating his head in a clockwise motion, he looked at each of them; first at Raymond, then to Wayne, and finally at Leila. “Can someone please tell me what’s going on? I haven’t the slightest idea and you tell me you need me to ...” he found himself speaking louder and louder so he lowered his volume, “Save the world?”

The three nodded at him together. They seemed more serious than Benny had thought. Where they some kind of maniac loose on the streets? Or were they trying to scam him? Many possibilities were running through his mind and he couldn’t be more indecisive about it. Should he believe them or not?

“No, we’re not maniacs neither are we trying to scam you,” Wayne answered his questions, “Believe me.”

“How did you know what I was thinking?” Benny questioned, he was certain that he hadn’t been thinking out loud. “Why are you able to read my mind?” he was starting to question their identity, “Who are you?” Raymond and Leila remained quiet for they knew what Wayne had to do. Benny felt his head ache but through the pain he could hear a voice speaking to him, “I’ve warned you. We are no ordinary people, and you aren’t either. You have no choice but to follow us.” Benny had his hands over his head. His eyes were scrunched tight as he tried to shake the voice away. And when it was finally gone, he slowly opened his eyes again.

Wayne inched closer to him, “Do you believe me now?” Benny nodded. “Take him home with us,” Wayne told his siblings, “It’s not convenient to talk here.”


Back in their apartment, Wayne invited Benny to sit down while ordering Leila to grab them all a small drink. “Can you tell me what is going on?” Benny was eager to know. It was strange, but he was feeling excited about all this. He had always been a believer of the supernatural, but what is this that he is experiencing?

Wayne waited for Raymond and Leila to sit down before starting, “Well, you’ve had your chance to experience my telepathy right?”

“Telepathy?” Benny asked, this was something that he never really believed in, “I thought only some identical twins can use telepathy with each other? How come you ...”

“To save the world, we need eight souls,” Wayne explained, “Each of us is categorized by the special powers we have. Like you’ve experienced, I’m the telepathist.”

Leila nodded. “I’m the listener,” she pointed towards Raymond, “And he’s the fighter.”

Benny examined Raymond, he didn’t look like a fighter at all. “Then what am I?” he asked.

“You’re the dreamer,” Leila told him, “Notice that you are only able to hear bits and pieces of your dream? It’s because I can hear it. I can also hear your thoughts, but only big brother can hear and speak to your mind. That’s why we need to work together.”

“In our group of eight, there are two telepathists, one fighter, one listener, one dreamer, and two controllers,” Wayne furthered the explanation.

Benny counted his fingers, “But that only makes up seven. What about the last person?”

“That, you do not have to worry over,” Wayne didn’t answer him. “You are very important though,” Wayne stressed, “Because you are the dream come true. Remember your dream about your father? One day, that will happen.”

“What?” Benny was shocked to hear something as such, “But my father is ...”

“Yes,” Wayne interfered, “We know your father is dead.”


Leaving their house, Benny made his way to the hospital. He’s been seeing Tavia who was his psychiatrist because of his dream problems. On his ride on the cab, he was constantly replaying his encounter with Wayne in his mind. Did he still have to go visit Tavia? Was he actually the dream come true? Will he be able to save the world like the others have told him? Just then he remembered something; Tavia was one of the five. Would she believe them? She was a psychiatrist after all, there was no way she would believe that the world would come to an end.

Benny was led into Tavia’s office by a nurse so he waited patiently for her. He looked around her desk and saw a photo of her and her boyfriend, Ron. They looked really sweet together and it didn’t look to him that these two would be involved with saving the world.

“Hello,” Tavia’s voice came from behind. She closed door behind her to make sure their talk was in full privacy. “How have you been feeling lately?” Tavia was very professional.

“I’ve been doing fine,” Benny replied, “I haven’t been dreaming too often lately.”

Tavia nodded and jotted down a few notes. “Do you get enough rest so that your daily activities are not interrupted?” she asked again, ready to jot down more notes in her file.

“I feel energized,” he answered her absent-mindedly. He was too busy thinking about the situation earlier, “Tavia ... do you believe the world is going to end?”

She quickly wrote down a few words, “No, why? You think it’ll be the end of the world soon?”

Benny noticed that she was treating him like he’s got psychological problems so he quickly corrected himself, “No, I was just wondering. Remember the man that came and told us the world is going to end? What do you think about him? He told me a lot of stuff after the four of you left.”

“I’m not sure if I believe him,” Tavia didn’t want to express that she didn’t believe him at all, she wanted to sound uncertain so that he would tell her more.

“Well, he told me that we are the five chosen ones and we need to help him save the world,” Benny repeated what Wayne had told him, “It’s quite bizarre if you ask me but who knows? This world is stranger than you think.” It was then that he realized that those were his grandmother’s words in his dream. He was starting to feel uncomfortable about all this.

“Are you alright?” Tavia asked, noticing that he’s zoning off a bit, “Is there anything else you would like to tell me?” Benny shook his head; he wanted to leave as soon as he could. “Well then, see you next time,” she smiled.

Benny tucked in the chair nicely before approaching the door but Tavia’s voice called him back. “Just a personal question, have you seen Selena lately?” she asked, hoping to find out where her so called best friend was.

He turned around and made himself comfortable at the seat again. “You haven’t seen Selena either?” he asked, “I haven’t been able to contact her in days. I wonder if she’s gotten into an accident or something.” He was beginning to speak to himself.

“I think she’ll be fine,” Tavia reassured him, “If she contacts you, let me know.”


Copyright by Vivien. July 11, 2009.


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