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Cupid Stupid - 戀愛星求人 (2010)

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Cupid Stupid - 戀愛星求人 (2010) Empty Cupid Stupid - 戀愛星求人 (2010)

Post by Matchbox on Sun Feb 07, 2010 12:37 pm

Cupid Stupid - 戀愛星求人 (2010) Cupidstupid

Title: 戀愛星求人
Cantonese/Mandarin title: Luen Ngoi Sing Kau Yun / Lian Ai Xing Qiu Ren
English title: Cupid Stupid
Previously known as: 占星情緣, 星座小王子 / The Stars of Love
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: TVB
Broadcast period: 2010-Jan-25 to 2010-Feb-25 (overseas)
Theme song: Heard (聽說) by Steven Ma


Fishmonger Chi Yat-Po (Steven Ma) constantly has to help his friend Kan Ngo-Lam (Tavia Yeung) who has a habit of falling head over heels for the wrong guys. The two soon meet Koon Sing-Ho (Michael Tse), a famed toymaker who is known for the strange toys he creates. Sing-Ho always finds a way of making something into a game, and loves to play. They also meet Fong Cheuk-Kei (Mandy Cho), Sing-Ho's girlfriend, who does her best to put up with his mischievous ways.

Sing-Ho and Ngo-Lam both strongly believe in horoscopes and fortunes, but they soon find that they may have even more in common. The two find themselves developing feelings for each other but Ngo-Lam finds herself torn between Sing-Ho and Chi Yat-Po, her childhood friend. Cheuk-Kei is unable to put her feelings down for Sing-Ho and competes with Ngo-Lam as love rivals.


Chi Family

* Steven Ma as Chi Yat Bo 池一寶
* Kingdom Yuen as Chi Kam Giu 池金嬌
* Lau Dan as Chi Kam Gwai 池金貴

Kan Family

* Tavia Yeung as Kan Ngou Lam 簡傲藍 (Twinkle)
* Law Ho Kai as Kan Wing Chung 簡永松

Wong Family

* Peter Lai as Wong Sui 黃水
* Helen Ma as Wong Lam So Ngo 黃林素娥
* Shermon Tang as Wong Mei Guen 黃美娟


* Michael Tse as Koon Sing Ho 官星皓 (Jeff)
* Mandy Cho as Fong Cheuk Kei 方卓琪 (Anna)
* Chan Chin Pang as Chung Kin Bong 鍾建邦 (Frankie)
* Lee Kwok Lun as Leung Bing 梁炳
* Ram Tseung as Yip Seung Mau 葉常茂 (Greeny)
* Jack Wu as Simon
* Chan Min Leung as Uncle Wah 華叔

Credits: Wiki
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Cupid Stupid - 戀愛星求人 (2010) Empty Re: Cupid Stupid - 戀愛星求人 (2010)

Post by summer7879 on Sun Feb 14, 2010 3:41 pm

Just started watch, up to epi 4, quite nice and interesting,
i watch due to Tavia and Steven ..hehe

Cupid Stupid - 戀愛星求人 (2010) 30773410
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