Shirley and Tavia Yeung both generously admits participation in ICAC investigation

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Shirley and Tavia Yeung both generously admits participation in ICAC investigation

Post by summer7879 on Mon Mar 15, 2010 12:48 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Shirley and Tavia Yeung both generously admits participation in ICAC investigation

TVB General Manager Stephen Chan and Producer Ronald Chin recently have been involved in a corruption case. It was said that ICAC is suspecting TVB executives opened their own company and was targeting the first line TVB artists giving them salary pressures. The new company invites TVB artists to help a "friend" in shopping mall and ribbon cutting events for lesser pay, all proceeds go to the new company and not TVB. It was also said that there was some sexual harassment going on during variety shows towards the artists.

ICAC has approached several TVB artists for investigation. Because TVB ordered their artists to keep their mouths sealed, to avoid getting involved in the case, artists avoided the media including Linda Chung, Shirley Yeung and Tavia Yeung. Yesterday when the 3 ladies returned to TVB City, once they saw a large group of reporter standing outside, they quickly ran in. Linda Chung did "tai chi" and shook her head yelling "No" to the media. Tavia on the other hand was more relaxed and kept her mouth shut as she walked in. At a series promotional event, Shirley Yeung generously admitted that she was investigated by the ICAC.

Yesterday afternoon, Tavia and Raymond Lam arrived in TVB City to start shooting for new series , the two appeared relaxed. and waved to the media. After work, Tavia even calmy whistled! Then she attended the promotion in Olympian City, and admitted that she accepted the ICAC investigation, but cannot reveal anything else. Asked if she worked for Stephen Chan and his assistant's company before? She said: "I don't know, usually my work is scheduled by my manager. (Have you gotten a pay reduction before?) Usually price is discussed by my manager, I don't do any of that stuff. (You are on the Stephen team, have your jobs been affected?) I am on the TVB team, fans split into teams themselves, that group there (referring to the fans live at the scene) are Tavia Yeung fans. (Have you called Stephen Chan?) No, I have never kept in touch with Stephen on the phone, but I do hope that he's okay, hope the incident can come to an end soon. (Have you been "patted on the shoulder" before at events?) My jobs are often managed by my manager, prices are also reasonable. If there is really "pat on the shoulder", I really don't know."

Once spotting the group of reporters outside of TVB city, Shirley Yeung quickly turned around and left. At the promotional event she attended, she admitted that she participated in giving the ICAC information. She said: "I was part of the investigations, but they just asked about work related questions. I know many other of my colleagues also went in for investigation, I cannot say too much right now. (Did you go back to TVB city the day before just for the ICAC investigation?) TVB called me and told me to go back. (Have you worked with the new company?) I don't know, my manager usually schedules the jobs. (Have you had a pay reduction before?) I cannot say, but my manager will help me take advantage of the best options. (Will you attend events with "pats on the shoulder"?) No."

Kara Hui was the latest guest for interview, is she worried that would be canceled? Kara expressed that she does not mind: "This is TVB's decision. (Have you had a pay reduction before?) Usual prices." Also, Producer Ho Siu Wai returned to TVB city, asked if she is also participating in the ICAC investigation? She said in an interesting way: "You'll know when you guys see the newspapers."
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