Tavia Yeung brings her mother to Shanghai Expo

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Tavia Yeung brings her mother to Shanghai Expo

Post by summer7879 on Sat Apr 03, 2010 1:24 am

Credit : Jesie blog : http://jessie1314.blogspot.com/

Tavia Yeung brings her mother to Shanghai Expo

Tavia Yeung attended an expo event at Kowloon Bay yesterday and served as the guest of the opening ceremony. Tavia hopes that she can attend the expo in Shanghai. Luckily previously there were Tavia’s Shanghai fans that gave her some expo vouchers when they visited her in Hong Kong. She said, “This is because the due date is in 6 months. Therefore, I hope that I can bring my mother to go there when I’m free.”

Admits not good in designs

There were a lot of different moulds from different country for exhibition. Tavia Yeung is interested in the exhibits from China and praised all their designs. She said, “All the structures of buildings are full of creativity. It is definitely creativity of humanity.” When asked whether she is interested in designs, Tavia said, “I’m not good in this. Sometimes I will play city construction using my cell phone. I find it quite interesting. Sometimes when I go out and see some building constructions, I will stop down and have a look at them. Although it is not nicely built yet, but it will have magnificent sight when it is completed.”

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