Charlene Choi touches Samantha Ko's chest, alerts the alarm

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Charlene Choi touches Samantha Ko's chest, alerts the alarm

Post by Matchbox on Tue Apr 13, 2010 10:06 am

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Date: 2010-04-13

Charlene Choi touches Samantha Ko's chest, alerts the alarm

Samantha Ko, Maggie Lee and Jeanette Leung show off their busty figures in the movie "Beauty on Duty". Samantha made appearances in a sexy dressing gown and swim wear. In the movie Charlene Choi is also the one that touches Samantha's chest. The most hilarious part is when Charlene is faced by the 3 busty girls and isn't sure whether to wear her bikini or not.

Why did Charlene touch Samantha's chest area? The storyline consists of Charlene and Sandra Ng fighting the killer played by Samantha. They fight from the hotel into the toliets. In order to find out if Samantha is dead Charlene ens up using her fingers to touch Samantha's chest. But suddenly this alerts the alarms. Charlene was asked by the reporter what she felt when she touched Samatha's chest area? She replied "I was afraid to use pressure and hurt her. Samantha is very professional, she had to resist from laughing while playing dead. But as soon as the director yelled cut, the whole team bursted out laughing".

Samantha didn't mind the storyline involving the alarm effect. She said "This is a comedy and most important is that it gives off a good comedy effect. When I watched the premiere many of the audience found that part very funny".
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