Charlene Choi: Bosco Wong is much more built in person than on screen

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Charlene Choi: Bosco Wong is much more built in person than on screen

Post by summer7879 on Fri Sep 04, 2009 8:09 am

Credit : Source: Takungpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Charlene Choi, William Chan, Kate Tsui and HotCha were recording for "JSG" last night. When asked about Andy Lau and his wife signed a wedding certificate? Ah Sa said that the marriage certificate has no legal effect, she smiled and said that she hopes to have a romantic romance. "If I were to sign a wedding certificate, I would want to do one that has a legal effect, getting old, why would you want to sign a fake one? (When?) When I'm pass 30 years old! (Are you in a marriage mood now?) Maintaining it, let fate decide. Perhaps I won't be able to find someone to marry in the future. (No one to compete with you?) Good thing, I am not weak either."

Also, earlier Ah Sa was shooting for the MV to her new song "Survivor" and especially invited Bosco Wong to be the male lead. The two originally had to get into the pool together and get wet, but the attentive Bosco felt that its too troublesome for girls to get wet, so he suggested to the Director that he will just get into the water alone, the Director agreed. Later when they were shooting a close angle, the Director told the couple to come up with their own "actions", but the two did not know how to express the emotions and became embarrassed. Then after a few minutes they quickly got into the scene, hugging each other. Ah Sa even started touching Bosco's ear, looks like she got quite into it. After filming, Ah Sa praised that Bosco in person is much more built than on screen, she hopes that they'll have an opportunity to collaborate again in the future. Asked if Ah Sa is afraid Myolie Wu might get jealous? Ah Sa smiled and said that Myolie is a professional artist, she will understand that the Director required them to do this.

[Translator Note: The article had a lot more questions about Andy Lau's marriage and what Charlene thought about it. I skipped most of it, since it's getting quite repetitive. Hope you all don't mind. Nevertheless, I congratulate all the couples who got married. =) Wish them the best.]

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