Natalie Tong feels Kevin Cheng is arrogant

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Natalie Tong feels Kevin Cheng is arrogant

Post by Matchbox on Mon Apr 19, 2010 8:55 am Translation: Matchbox @
Date: 2010-04-19

Natalie Tong feels Kevin Cheng is arrogant

Natalie Tong appeared in a strapless dress while attending an event at Harbour City. The reporter asked if she didn't mind appearing sexy because her earnings were high? She expressed that she didn't mind wearing clothing that was abit more sexy as summer's approaching. Therefore she can accept more modelling work and is quite excited about it. The reporter mentioned that Kevin Cheng was reported having a black face (Moody) while accepting interviews. Natalie replied that she has worked with Kevin many times and feels that he is someone who takes longer to get to know. She also feels he comes across arrogant.
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