Selena Li cries as she becomes the boss of a Beauty School

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Selena Li cries as she becomes the boss of a Beauty School

Post by summer7879 on Fri Apr 30, 2010 12:04 am

Credit ; Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Selena Li cries as she becomes the boss of a Beauty School

Rising boss Selena held the ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening of her new Beauty School where many entertainment circle friends attended to show their support including : Kevin Cheng, Linda Chung, Kenneth Ma, Shirley Yeung, Chris Lai and Nancy Wu. Rumored couple Kenneth and Nancy became the focus point, when reporters asked for pictures, the two appeared awkward and turned down the request. In the end, they had to bother Selena and other artists to help them as they came forward to take a group photo. Kenneth and Nancy later denied that they were embarrassed.

Kenneth expressed: "I know Nancy came too, not embarrassed. It's Selena who is the main lead here, don't want to steal her limelight. If I wanted to avoid, then I wouldn't have came! I just feel that there's no need to take a picture with her deliberately." Nancy expressed that everyone happily attended to support the main lead (Selena).

Selena felt emotional that all her good friends came to support her. Asked if she invited ex-boyfriend Patrick Tang? She said: "Yes, but he had to promote for his new music album and couldn't make it. So it's quite a pity because today it's considered an important day to me, I hope his album sells well. (Did you call him to ask him for business advice?) Yes, two days ago because I was feeling too much pressure from this opening ceremony that I started crying. I called him and he comforted me." Rising as a boss, Selena will not reduce her on-screen appearances.

Also, Linda Chung's contract with her record company is soon to end, she expressed that she's currently discussing a new contract, she believes that there is a high possibility for a contract renewal.

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