Charmaine Sheh does not admit to being TVB's "1st Sister"

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Charmaine Sheh does not admit to being TVB's "1st Sister"

Post by summer7879 on Tue Jun 08, 2010 1:21 am

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Charmaine Sheh does not admit to being TVB's "1st Sister"

TVB anniversary series will be broadcasting on June 9th on exclusively on Zhejiang TV in Mainland. On June 5th, leading stars Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan and Susanna Kwan arrived in Hangzhou to promote for the series. All three TVB stars rarely go to Mainland, the local media asked them questions on TVB plagiarizing other series/movies, who is "1st Brother" and "1st Sister", Stephen Chan's corruption case and rumors.

Question 1: was said to have copied , recently TVB's new series starring Raymond Lam and Tavia Yeung is also being accused of copying Japanese drama , what are your views to the TVB plagiarizing storm?

Charmaine: The characters in are different from . Every one of the cast members had a good time during filming, TV ratings were higher than by 1 point. (TVB internally is also like ?) No one died. Our company is not that terrifying, we are all treat each other truthfully. (There were rumors of you not getting along with Tavia Yeung?) No, we are good colleagues and good friends. We have always worked well together. Cannot be selfish in acting. There are good and bad roles, more or less screen time. Having less screen time does not mean the acting was bad. We are very optimistic, happy and we aren't people that calculate all the time.

Moses: We all expressed our opinions after watching it for ourselves. may be set in the same place as , but there is hard efforts in the production crew, that cannot be denied.

Susanna: Saying that kind of stuff about the behind-the-scenes crew is very unfair to us actors. We all really used a lot of hard work in the production. Coming and going, TV series can easily have scenes alike from other series. Palace fighting is usually all the same including an Emperor, Concubine, and Palace Council, but the story is different. The scriptwriter put in a lot of effort in writing the script, using "plagiarize" to describe them is not fair.

Question 2: Who is "1st Brother" and "1st Sister" in TVB? Heard TVB spent 300 million on Raymond Lam to push him up as "1st Brother"?

Charmaine: Susanna and Moses. Raymond Lam is the true "1st Brother", Moses Chan too. Raymond is very hard working, a very talented singer. I hope these negative rumors won't affect the process of his rising career.

Moses: Since Gallen Lo's departure from TVB, there has not been a "1st Brother". No one can stand. The key lies in the script and good actors. Raymond has grew to be handsome, good at singing, if I was a girl I would definitely like him, love him deeply and want to go kiss him.

Susanna: I am the older "1st Sister". Raymond is very smart, capable and is good at both singing and acting. He is suitable to be an actor. The "1st Brother", "1st Sister" lies in the hearts of the audience, not who the media says. The one most popular, most supported by audience.

Question 3: Stephen Chan's comeback?

Charmaine: I have read the reports from the newspapers, saying that he and his friends are happily having dinner. I know he is currently emotionally stabled and is happy. (TVB is split into 4 parties, which party do you belong to?) There is no split in parties. But, I personally love Apple 'pie' (TN: The word party [派] - 'pie' in Chinese sounds like 'pie' in English). Other pies I don't like."

Moses: He and I are friends. I admire his talent, after this incident, I honestly have worried about him, I know that he is currently doing well, I am happy for him.

Susanna: He's doing well. I saw the reports saying that he's currently focused on charity work outside, volunteering to help the blind community. I feel that's very meaningful and I too want to give it a try.

Question 4: Considered developing in Mainland? Would spend more time practicing Mainland daily?

Charmaine: TVB has many artists developing in Mainland. TVB is not a controlling TV station. I really like Zhang Yimou, I hope to have an opportunity to work with him. As far as practicing Mandarin, I will have to see if I have time. I don't have much time each day.

Susanna: I started acting at a late age, but I started singing at a very young age. To me acting is something new, I am willing to work in Mainland and learn from other artists. I don't have any special intention to learn Mandarin daily, when I have to use Mandarin to speak it becomes slightly difficult, perhaps I can find a teacher.

Question 5: Kevin Cheng wants to have children, does that imply he and Charmaine's 'good time is close' (marriage)? <3 Weekly> reported that Moses and Charmaine secretly met at a hotel. It was reported that Charmaine is suing the magazine, how is that coming along?

Charmaine: We do good things every day. (TN: Charmaine misunderstood the Mandarin term 'good time is close') As far as having children, I do not know. I currently do not have a boyfriend, I don't know when I'm getting married. Next time Kevin comes to Mainland, you should ask him. (In reality, who would you choose to be your boyfriend between Moses and Kevin?) Neither. They are both my good friends. The court case I will leave it to my lawyer to handle, it is not convenient for me to talk about it now.

Moses: Things that have past, let it be gone. I have to tell the Hong Kong media, they should not step over the line, making up news that are not true. But I am an easy going person, I won't sue them, but I have to tell Charmaine: "You did the right thing!"

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