Raymond Lam makes a 'bad gag' for the TV King battle

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Raymond Lam makes a 'bad gag' for the TV King battle

Post by summer7879 on Thu Jul 15, 2010 12:23 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Raymond Lam makes a 'bad gag' for the TV King battle

Recently the highly popular Raymond Lam is really getting a lot of news. Besides being said to defeat Wayne Lai in battle for TV King, it was also rumored that his concert will clash with the Miss Hong Kong contest, so there's no hope to add more shows. Towards the rumors, Raymond appeared calm.

Last night Raymond and Gigi Leung were recording for . Raymond will be holding his second concert at the end of this month. Initially the Miss Hong Kong Pageant was scheduled to be held at the Shaw Brothers Studio, but because of environmental issue, Miss HK will be moved to Hong Kong Coliseum. With ticket sales skyrocketing, Raymond's hopes of adding more shows is shattered. But when the media contacted Raymond for details, he expressed that he does not know about it: "Should ask the Executives about this." Looking at the Hong Kong Coliseum bookings, Alan Tam's concert will be held on the 24th, given time for stage clean up and setup, looks like there is no hope for Raymond to add more shows.

Wants to work with Wayne Lai
Speaking of a chance to defeat Wayne Lai and Moses Chan in the battle for TV King, Raymond joked: "That's something fresh, already decided so fast." Raymond then directly said that he does have confidence to get the TV King title, but does not forget to 'suck up' to Wayne and Moses: "Ah Mo (Moses) and Wayne are my seniors. I also want to collaborate with Wayne in a series." Reporters teased that he and Wayne, one mountain can't hold two tigers? Raymond cracked a bad joke (爛gag): "I am a horse, a horse that is willing to run."

TVB Foreign Affairs Director (Tsang Sing Ming) strongly stressed that Miss Hong Kong Pageant moving to Hong Kong Coliseum does not have anything to do with the environmental issues in Shaw Brothers studio: "We had a meeting and felt that HK Coliseum is more suitable because Miss HK can invite many more guests and HK Coliseum's technology provides appropriate assistance."

In other news: Last night, Raymond, Kate Tsui and Ron Ng were rehearsing for his concert together. Good old buddies Raymond and Ron will be dancing together and even took a picture together with arms on the shoulder, showing off their great relationship.

Also, Gigi Leung exposed that she adopted two cats and named them after the hot handsome soccer stars. When reporters joked and asked if in the future when she names her children, will she look back at the newspapers? She joked: "Good idea. Give them a name of a great person or a scientist, hope he's like Jackie Chan!"

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