Kiki Sheung & husband Patrick Lee holds 43 table glamorous wedding banquet

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Kiki Sheung & husband Patrick Lee holds 43 table glamorous wedding banquet

Post by summer7879 on Mon Oct 04, 2010 4:56 am

Credit :Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao (images)
Translated by: aZnangel @

Kiki Sheung & husband Patrick Lee holds 43 table glamorous wedding banquet

48 year old Kiki Sheung and her husband Patrick Lee Wai Sing held their wedding banquet yesterday. Patrick threw in a million dollars to host the 43 table banquet at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Wai Chai. Same year TVB training class students as Kiki including Carina Lau, Sandra Ng, Sean Lau and his wife Amy Kwok and Margie Tsang attended. There were also Liza Wang and husband Law Kar Ying, Eric Tsang, Ron Ng, Kevin Cheng, Raymond Cho, Roger Kwok and his wife Cindy Au that appeared as well, the wedding banquet was filled with stars!

The bride Kiki wore a pair of Long Fung bracelets worth 6 figures accompanied with diamonds, pearl necklace, earrings and her engagement ring. Her accessories were worth a total of 7 figures. Kiki reveals that her husband designed a watch for her as a gift, she just didn't wear it today. As for Kiki's engagement ring was on her right hand, and that her left hand was reserved to put on her wedding ring.

Successfully losing 25 pounds, Kiki revealed her chest yesterday. Patrick gave a kiss on her cheek, making the scene very warm and romantic. This morning, the groom picked up his bride and then went to take photos in the afternoon and finally held the cake-cutting ceremony in the evening. Kiki expressed lovingly that she was so moved during the bride pickup part that she wanted to cry because in addition to saying "I Love You", her husband also sang Leon Lai's Love Is More Important Than Me live at the scene. Kiki said: "Three years ago, when I heard this song I was so touched I cried, today I put on water-resistant make up just in case."

The newly wedded couple held a marriage ceremony during the banquet last night. Carina Lau arrived early, she wore a black tube dress and looked very pretty. Carina and the rest of the 'sisters group' from the same year TVB training class were all mostly "Wai Siu Bo" wives in Duke of Mount Deer back in the day. Carina was asked if it's a "Siu Bo Wives" reunion? She said: "Really? I thought it was more of a TVB training class reunion. (Where is Siu Bo 'referring to Tony Leung'?) He's filming now. (What kind of gift did you give?) Secret. The most important is to send our blessings. I am very happy for her. (Will you rush them to have a baby?) Anything works, hope all their wishes come true."

Tony's ex-lover Margie Tsang and Carina arrived at the banquet one after the other. Although they avoided arriving at the banquet together and cause awkwardness, they were still arranged to sit together. Margie learned that Carina already arrived, she said: "Really? (Sitting together?) Yeah, we are classmates. (Haven't seen her for long time?) Yeah, before we would have dinner sometimes, but now got a little busier!" Arriving with Margie was Sandra Ng, she wore an open chest dress and had both of her hands flinging (no gift), Sandra said: "Money gift is the most stabled gift. (You all "Wai Siu Bo" wives are fighting for to be the prettiest?) It is Kiki's wedding, should respect them. (Did Kiki have a crush on anyone in the past?) No, back then in the training class, we were best friends with Sean Lau and Michael Tao!"

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