Netizens catches mistakes in "No Regrets", Wayne Lai: "Limited Resources"

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Netizens catches mistakes in "No Regrets", Wayne Lai: "Limited Resources"

Post by summer7879 on Wed Oct 20, 2010 2:39 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Netizens catches mistakes in "No Regrets", Wayne Lai: "Limited Resources"

TVB anniversary series No Regrets premiered the night before, the average rating was 32 points, approximately 2.04 million viewers, and peaked at 36 points, approximately 2.3 million viewers. Though there is a slight difference between Wayne Lai's 38 points wish on the first episode, but it's still better than last year's Rosy Business premiere with only 27 points. The celebration was held yesterday.

Netizens catch scenes resembling western films

Wayne and Sheren Tang are the hot favorites for TV King and Queen, No Regrets broadcast the night before and has become a big discussion topic. After watching the premiere, not only did Netizens say it was good, but there is also a "golden phrase forum". But, there are also criticisms on the flashback moments in the series resembling classic film Titanic. Also, the flower offering during Sheren's funeral resembles the one in Schindler's List, it's no wonder a supporting Netizen refuted back "a funeral without flower offerings, then should there be lamp offerings instead?"

Netizens catches mistakes

Netizens have always loved to catch mistakes when watching a series. No Regrets is set in the 1930s, a Netizen said that when the police were rushing to the bank, the car used was not in the right time period. It was also said that Evergreen Mak's role as a criminal section chief investigator, the helmet he wore when catching the bad guys was also not used in that time period.

Grateful of audience focusing on the screen

Wayne explained: "TV series has limited resources, we have to find a Guangzhou police car used 70 years ago in HK, that is not something easy to do. It is just like watching opera, when the actors rides a horse, they only hold a riding whip [to depict it]. Would you then request that they actually bring a real live horse on stage to ride on? Having this type of standards for props, it be difficult to shoot a historical drama." Wayne also does not mind Netizens' criticisms, he felt that some viewers aren't watching for the story, they like to focus on the props used or catch the mistakes. For example, if an extra's costume has a hole in it, Wayne joked: "People have different taste. At least viewers are focused on the screen, but I do hope viewers watch the series for the story and accept our explanations."

Speaking of the ratings not reaching what he desired of 38 points, Wayne said: "38 points is just a wish, the current average rating is 32 points, peaking at 36, it's already satisfying results. I am feeling positive that the ratings in the future will increase."

Sheren does not believe TV Queen is a conspiracy

Charmaine Sheh may not go to the anniversary awards ceremony this year, making Sheren's chances even higher, Sheren said: "How is that related? Why label people who attend will get an award? If Charmaine really wins, TVB will tell her to come back, so this saying is not true." Asked if she would attend the awards ceremony? Sheren said: "I don't know if I can get in the race, I'll be in Mainland for some time, if necessary I will come back to HK." Sheren expressed that she feels normal about the awards, the most important is public praises and ratings. She hopes that viewers can wait until Saturday before they go out and stay home to catch the series in the evening during the weekdays.

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