Kevin Cheng beats Myolie Wu in the red envelope competition

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Kevin Cheng beats Myolie Wu in the red envelope competition

Post by summer7879 on Thu Feb 24, 2011 2:06 am

Credit : Source: Singtao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Kevin Cheng beats Myolie Wu in the red envelope competition

Kevin Cheng and Myolie Wu went to the States for stage performances during the Lunar New Year. Besides earning 6 figures for the performance, the red envelope lucky money was also not bad. Kevin thanked his hat for the help, he received nearly 200 red envelopes and beat Myolie. The best part is that when he went to the casino, he bumped into luck and washed away the black luck. Before when he went to gamble, he would always lose, but this time he won a several hundrew US dollars. After being lucky over the Lunar New Year period, he did not forget to share with Myolie, so they can be lucky together.

Before Kevin and Myolie departed to the U.S. for the stage performances, they had bet to see who would get the most red envelopes. Because Kevin was shooting a Mainland series and had to have his head shaved, he put on a hat to cover up the bad bald look. Unexpectedly, in the end it was all because of the hat that won him the bet. At the time he said: "Are you ready? If you're ready, Myolie and I are coming down." He and Myolie went off the stage to shake hands with audience, the audience were all prepared to give out red envelopes to them. As the audiences were very enthusiastic, Kevin immediately took off his hate to collect the red envelopes in it. He describes the night as the time he got the most red envelopes. Kevin was so exaggerated that the hat wasn't enough to hold his red envelopes, so he took a laundry bag to hold them all in.

Myolie said: "On the 3rd day of Chinese New Year, the atmosphere at Los Angeles was very lively, Kevin used his hat to collect the red envelopes and got more than me. He won! I got about US$600 worth of red envelopes. After the stage performances, I stayed for two more days and went shopping at the local stores. I bought 3 hats, it's unlucky to buy hats on new years, but nothing is taboo for me. I also bought a lot of new clothes, and eventually I had to buy another suitcase before heading back to HK. (Did you spend any of your earnings from the stage performance?) No, I didn't earn any money, but Kevin won several hundred US dollars, he woke up and gave me $100. Lucky Money has good meaning." She also said it was very cold there, especially in Canada, the temperature was -20 degrees like a huge refrigerator. When I went back to the hotel, there was a big waterfall, although the water was frozen, it had another type of beauty. Besides that, she also went to the Hollywood landmark to take pictures for memories. and got a taste of the local seafood. She reveals that the sea urchin that she ate was as long as a finger and was round, just speaking of it makes her drool.

Kevin expressed his new year's wish is for a smooth year. He also visited relatives while he was in the States, rare opportunity to have a family reunion during new years.

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