Yoyo Mung & Kevin Cheng breaks the ice and talks about love

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Yoyo Mung & Kevin Cheng breaks the ice and talks about love

Post by summer7879 on Fri Feb 25, 2011 2:01 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Yoyo Mung & Kevin Cheng breaks the ice and talks about love

Recently Yoyo Mung and Kevin Cheng collaborated in a TVB new series (Only You). It turns out that this pair of old partners just recently broke the ice, getting so familiar with each other that they are now close friends. They mutually exchange their views on love.

Without hiding anything, Yoyo reveals that she collaborated with Kevin in Split Second and Last One Standing before, but it was only until the recent Only You that they got to know each other.

Yoyo said: "Perhaps he's passive and I'm passive too. We both have like a wall in between us, until now that we broke it. If it wasn't for Kristal Tin helping us take the first step, we may not have been able to break the wall. But actually, Kevin and I are the same type of people, he is very direct and will talk about anything. He doesn't have bad intentions, nor does he like making news, so this series helped us get to know each other more, I am very pleased."

Besides getting along well with her partner, Yoyo is also very satisfied with the script. She said: "I play a middle-aged Hong Kong girl that can't get married. The script has a lot of touching parts, like the line 'we need a marriage, not a wedding', is something worth to think back on. In the past, I had the same feeling as my role in the series, I didn't have a sense of security, and would ask my boyfriend what plans we have. Later, I realized that men don't like to talk about plans even if they had one. (Does Ekin have plans?) In fact, the course of events is the most important. Whether or not you enter the church has no meaning, what I wish for the most is good health. During the new year, I was vomiting and running a fever. I didn't want to be admitted to the hospital on the first day of Chinese New Year, so I tried to withstand it. Then suddenly Ekin said 'play Kinect, good to get all the sweat out.' Before I would think: 'Does he not like me?'. Now I try to appreciate, this is considered a pretty cute experience."

Compared to Yoyo's love experience, Kevin is still seeking, he said: "I am already 40 years old, my mom gave up on forcing me into marriage. I only want to have a child, but I still haven't met a match yet. I don't want to split in or out of the industry, I am just looking for a match. At my age, if I'm dating, I want to get married and have children. I just want this one time to be the one that I live until old with. To be with a person who is not compatible is impossible!"

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