Elanne Kong exposes Joe Ma is a fierce Wong Yeh; fortune to have Felix Wong & Gallen Lo's support

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Elanne Kong exposes Joe Ma is a fierce Wong Yeh; fortune to have Felix Wong & Gallen Lo's support

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Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Elanne Kong exposes Joe Ma is a fierce Wong Yeh; fortune to have Felix Wong & Gallen Lo's support

Elanne Kong does not know how to cook, but now she has came across Joe Ma, who is skilled in cooking. The two had a long talk about the joys of cooking and their acting careers. Joe said when he encountered a down time in his career, he was fortunate to have Felix Wong and Gallen Lo's encouragement to keep him going.

Elanne: I remember when I first saw you, I really didn't dare to talk to you because at the time you were dressed in the ancient costumes with a beard and looked so aggressive. During shooting, I really did not dare to NG, you were just too familiar with your lines. I felt great pressure while working with you, but towards the middle I realized that you were actually quite playful. However, because you had a fake mustache and beard, you had to watch out when you laughed. I saw your look, when you kept your mouth closed and laughed with hohohoho sounds, it was so cute! So how did you feel when you first saw me?

Joe: I felt you are a very happy person, very optimistic. Some girls gives people the impression that they are a little distant, but you felt very close. Once I saw you, we could chat, a fun girl.

Elanne: Then am I like a man?

Joe: Well you have the attractive feminine qualities too, just your personality is quick and bright!

Elanne: Haha! After so many years being in the industry, no one has told me I had that attraction!

Joe: No really? Don't know what's good?

*After a moment of loud laughter, the interview continues.

Like an army in combat

Elanne: Acting with you, there's a lot of feeling, especially the frightening scenes because you looked so fierce! Getting yelled at by you, I was so scared!

Joe: I am very serious into my acting. Collaborating with you in Relic of an Emissary, I went from a Wong Yeh (Emperor's Uncle) to the Emperor. In the palace, you always have to put up your guard, rarely is there a time to relax, so got to be very fierce.

Elanne: Luckily, I am Princess Wing Yeung in the series, the only one who can whine to Royal Brother 4. In the series, you weren't too fierce towards me, I remember one time you and Skye Chan were doing a scene, you had to pretend to have gone crazy, screaming and yelling, Skye was actually frightened by you, and it was seriously frightened too! After the director called cut, you went to comfort her. I like shooting series, feels like a family, you always hide my shoes too!

Joe: It's like an army, in combat together.

Elanne: Today I'm interviewing you, actually there is something I really want to expose, and it is something personal about you. Because I truly admire you from the bottom of my heart, besides your good acting, you also have really good learning spirit. One time you saw a fan that my assistant's dad made for me, the fan was made out of film, so it's very strong. You thought it was special, and told my assistant's dad to make another one for you. Then the assistant told me that you actually personally called him and wanted to go up to his house to learn how to make the fan. My assistant's parents couldn't believe it, and said: "Huh! Joe Ma wants to come to our house?!"

Joe: I am quite interested in DIY material, when I was young my dad makes things too, and I would follow along. My favorite was disassembling radios and then put it back together.

Elanne: I am curious, after you learned to make the fan, who would you make it for?

Joe: I went to their house not to learn to make one thing because your assistant's dad had a wide range of skills. We have a colleague who's phone got scratched, he helped me fix it. It's like completely new now, the skill he has can help out of people. I learned how to make the fan, and I gave it to my partner. When I went to Mainland to shoot another series, Gallen Lo saw it and wanted one too.

Handsome entering the kitchen, mutual trust with wife

Elanne: You and Ah So (his wife) met 18 years ago. I am also very honored to have participated in your father's birthday party and saw Ah So there. I felt she was very pretty, you two are basically a perfect match, a rare pair. In fact in this industry, always flying back and forth, how do you two maintain the marriage?

Joe: Really have to rely on mutual trust. Some people may need lots of time for themselves, but I just need a little. If I had a few hours break, I would go be a driver, picking up and dropping off my family. When I went back to Mainland to shoot series, my wife would come visit me too.

Elanne: When you look at your wife and son, you look so sweet. You really are an affable father, a good husband. Speaking of that, your son is very handsome, have you ever thought of allowing him to enter showbiz? Fight for girls together with his handsome father?

Joe: Never thought about that. If he wanted to, I will tell him to think through of the vital interest first. When you enter the industry, you have to be committed and there is a lot of pressure. There is pressure mentally and competition. It's very difficult.

Elanne: I know you are skilled in cooking, and even published a cook book before. I love to eat, after eating a plate, I can even add on another plate of pasta, but I don't know how to eat.

Joe: You really can eat a lot. I don't cook as often now, in fact the cooking process is not hard, it's just hard to make time to go grocery shopping.

Elanne: Do you like to make Western or Chinese dishes?

Joe: I like to make Western dishes. I remember one Christmas, I was living in Yuen Long and outside my house I put up a table and made lobster, pig hand and pasta. Added a few candles, we as a family, had a few drinks, some food to eat, very heartwarming.

Elanne: Such a handsome man, and knows how to cook, totally amazing! What does your wife like best of your cooking?

Joe: She's also good at cooking, she taught the house worker at home too, so it's nothing special. Actually my son loves my sweet corn chicken rice. He has the same taste as me, I like sauce, don't like dry stuff. With more sauce, it's perfect.

Received support during down time, kept it going

Elanne: You worked as a G4 before right, were you very popular? Is it easier to shoot Special Duties Unit?

Joe: Yeah, comes in handy when filming, but before I was not handsome, very skinny.

Elanne: Speaking of that, why did you go from a G4 to an actor? You know my makeup artist loves your old clothing commercials.

Joe: TVB recruited me because of that commercial. At the time, there was an Executive that told me, you come in, we will promote you. But then, after so many years, still didn't happen.

Elanne: When you encountered a down time in your career, did you regret entering this industry?

Joe: Back then I worked in several different divisions in the police department. At the time, I felt that continuing to work will forecast perspectives. I personally like to do new things, change environments and it seems pretty good. They said that I'll get promoted in 1-2 years, after I entered, I had to endure for a long time, but I know it's not TVB's fault. When I saw you, then I knew why. Back then, I really was too stupid. Collaborating with you, you were so familiar with your lines and had good acting. I never seen you NG, since I've been in the industry, honestly I have felt regret from time to time. I had doubts that I couldn't do it, luckily at the time there were Felix Wong and Gallen Lo that encouraged me. That's how I kept myself going.

Elanne: What did they say to encourage you?

Joe: Along the lines of "I feel you can do it". They gave me a shot of encouragement to relax me.

Elanne: Since you entered the industry, you have already participated in 70 series. So many productions, which one do you like the best? My favorite is Triumph In the Skies.

Joe: Triumph script was written well and my partners were top quality. Like Francis Ng, the results came out really well. However, I like Revolving Doors of Vengeance most, I feel it's suitable for me, the feeling of half good, half evil.

Jade Girl Elanne nicknamed 'Strong Explosion'

Joe exposed that the refined Elanne surprisingly has a nickname called "Strong Explosion"! Elanne laughed: "In fact behind the 'Strong Explosion' is Kong Fu Keung. Why do I have this nickname? It is because when I was shooting TVB series, everyone had a box with their costumes in it, the box had their names written on it. One day, I got back to the studio and was exhausted. I sat in front of TVB senior martial artist Kong Fu Keung's box, Michael Tse saw and called me Kong Fu Keung."

How did Kong Fu Keung become 'Strong Explosion'? Joe said: "One time she was in the makeup room and she didn't charge her phone, but surprisingly once she charged it, the phone exploded. At the time, many people heard the explosion sound. The entire makeup room lost power. After that, everyone said they won't let Elanne charge her phone in the makeup room anymore!"

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