Kevin Cheng success in building muscles, but failed in driving scooter

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Kevin Cheng success in building muscles, but failed in driving scooter

Post by summer7879 on Thu May 26, 2011 4:40 am

Credit :Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Kevin Cheng success in building muscles, but failed in driving scooter

Kevin Cheng, Selena Li and Nancy Wu were shooting for TVB new series The Boxing King a few nights ago. The scene was about Selena going to see Kevin outside of the building where he lived before she gets married to talk about their true love. In the series, Kevin plays a Boxing King and has been training becoming a 'muscle man', like a piece of chocolate. He said: "My diet is very restricted now, every meal, I only eat chicken breast." No problems with building muscles, but the other night he was put to the test by a 'little sheep' (white scooter).

When speaking of the scene about Kevin driving a 'little sheep' following Selena to another place to chat, but during filming Kevin did not have a motorcycle license, so he only could pose on the 'little sheep' and pretend to drive. When it was time to actually start driving, a stunts double did it for him. Kevin couldn't fulfill his duty because of his mom, he expressed: "I personally have always wanted to get a motorcycle license. First it's convenient and second the feeling is very free, but my mom has always opposed to this because she said driving a motorcycle is too dangerous. In fact, I really want to drive a motorcycle right now!"

As for Selena, in the series she has some fighting scenes too, but it's just those 'take a beating' type of fight. In the series, Selena tries to please her crush, Kevin and learns boxing with him. She was willing to serve as his boxing bag. She joked: "The scenes were already filmed in the studio, in fact it's not any fighting scenes. I don't have it as difficult as them, just hold up a few pads for him practice his boxing."

It was rumored that Selena and Kevin sparked real love from acting. At the location, it was seen that the two did not avoid each other, but still chatted happily. Selena even uploaded a photo of Kevin in a helmet and teased that he looks like the cartoon character, Gacchan.

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