Tavia Yeung endures until a crooked chin, continues to fight

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Tavia Yeung endures until a crooked chin, continues to fight

Post by summer7879 on Tue Jul 12, 2011 4:54 am

Credit :Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Tavia Yeung endures until a crooked chin, continues to fight

Tavia Yeung is the uncommon breed among the TVB FaDans, she doesn't rely on rumors or gossips to stand out, but look more like a 'Miss Friendship' type with no enemies. In the industry everyone is her good friend. With a true 'red pants' background, Tavia started out in the TVB acting class, and played many small roles after she graduated such as a maiden or receptionist.

Currently Tavia is the first line TVB FaDan, in the first half of 2011 she already had 3 of her series air including The Rippling Blossom, Yes Sir, Sorry Sir and now The Other Truth. Shooting several series, her minor illnesses turned into big ones, she did not properly rest or treat it and ends up getting through her days with a medicine pot. In September last year, during The Other Truth shoot, it was the most difficult period since she entered the industry. Not long after shooting began, Tavia lost her voice and was falling ill, her manager discovered her facial experiences were unnatural. Her illness quickly developed into uncontrollable facial muscles. It turns out that her exhaustion from the first half year was a cold that never cleared, the harmful bacteria went into her nerves and made her chin go crooked!

"There are especially a lot of lines when playing a lawyer. One day I suddenly felt I couldn't control my facial muscles, the smile line disappeared and couldn't open my mouth to talk. I immediately went to see the doctor to get a MRI. I know it is my cold that is causing trouble. At the time, my mood fell to the bottom, no will to fight. Only a third of The Other Truth filming completed, I was worried the progression may be affected the most. I tried all types Chinese and Western treatments, took steroids and acupuncture. Every day when I went for acupuncture, my face swells up. Fortunately I had the producer and colleagues support and understand me. They accommodated filming for me, actually it wasn't that seriously crooked, just when I smiled you can easily tell. During the time of my illness, my neck muscle pulled the tendon. Later I had to do physical therapy. As I couldn't speak my lines clearly, I had to make up it later by dubbing."

Asked if she was worried about affecting her performance?

"Honestly, there is definitely some affect, but I tried my hardest to do the best. People will have to get through the past and endure it. No matter what! The most important is I now cherish my health more, if I didn't get sick, how will I know the pain of being sick? After The Other Truth completed, I had 2-3 weeks of rest before I went to Mainland to shoot Harlem. I am currently giving my body rest, eat more healthy and nutritious foods."

Does not feel work is a sacrifice

The illness devil hasn't left Tavia yet, recently she suffers from acute gastritis, cutting the polypus and a huge flu. Work still needs to continue, is she sacrificing her health for work?

"Not that serious, I can just blame myself for being lazy and not exercising, so my health is only average. Currently, if I feel unwell I will go see the doctor, most important is to relax. Saying work is sacrifice, pay a price, in fact every profession has its own stress, must pay for that and it's not me alone that is difficult."

Accepting series, going up North again

Asked if her workload is overloaded?

"I feel I am a little overloaded spiritually, but without work is a great loss. In fact, I enjoy working, just give me some more time to rest. It is necessary for people to have some time to recharge, otherwise they will turn insensitive, like a machine overheating. This year in the first half year, I already had 3 series broadcast and still have some more awesome series left. The earliest time that I will be free to go up to Mainland is next year."

In The Other Truth and currently shooting 36 Hours on Call, Tavia plays a lawyer and a doctor. These are also her first time portarying professional roles, does this mean she'll be changing her acting road in the future?

"I think TVB feels this group of female artists that debuted around the same time are grown big girls, it be hard for Myolie Wu and I to play 18 year old school girls now. I believe in the future days, I'll be playing mother roles. I am fully prepared mentally for that. TVB acknowledges that we can do these roles and it is around that time."

In Yes Sir, Sorry Sir Tavia's role as Miss Ho is the lead actress that pairs up with Moses Chan's Law Sir, but unfortunately a Ching Ngau Kam gets in the way, Miss Koo played by Linda Chung. Linda stole the limelight in one of her crying scenes and was crowned the Goddess, Netizens supported her to be the next TV Queen. Tavia's fans felt it was unfair for her. Tavia had several crying scenes that left viewers feeling bitter and touching love scenes with Moses as well. Does Tavia feel her tears came out for nothing?

"I really have not ever thought about stealing limelight. In Moonlight Resonance I never thought 'Lor Lui' would be a breakthrough. Linda is my good friend, she did very well. Whether a role breaks through or not is not just about the acting, but also the script and luck that matches it. Lead actors are not everything, the green leaf artists also have the opportunity to break through. In the series, the K4 students also made a breakthrough, audience liked them. I do not mind who gets promoted, a role can only have one actor, we should not be competing. This time it's not good enough, then we anticipate the next, hoping for more development."

Lose TV Queen, relieved

In the 12 years Tavia has been in the industry, she depended on her abilities to make up to first line FaDan position without a doubt. At the TVB Anniversary Awards, she lost the TV Queen award several times. In 2003, she won the 'Most Improved Artist Award' for Vigilante Force, in 2008 she won 'Best Supporting Role Award' for Moonlight Resonance and in 2009 she won both 'My Favorite Female Character Award' and 'Best Performance Award', unfortunately she lost the TV Queen award, that just brushed right past her.

There are only several months left before this year's TVB Anniversary Awards, asked if she'll be fighting for TV Queen award this year?

"Fight for what TV Queen award? I just want to earn money! Just looking at my own back, I am already a TV 'back' (TV Queen and TV Back sounds the same in Cantonese). Of course I do hope to get an award, but awards do not represent all. If I grasp many opportunities to get an award, then I'll be happy. If we have to arrange it and give awards by seniority, then I feel the win lacks brilliance."

Since we're here, take it easy. Tavia will not bring worries on herself. In the recent year because of her health, she had a 'hesitation disease'.

"Sometimes when my neck or shoulder muscles hurt, I get really worried. Will a nerve overlapping another nerve cause problems? I feel I don't have time to go through a complete treatment and recovery, I really think too much. I will also think about how worried my mom would be, she always tries to urge me to reduce my workload since our household doesn't rely on me to earn money. I understand my mom just cares about me, I grew up in a village and indeed I can choose a simple life, but I currently have the ability to earn money and I am not willing to let my mom have a difficult life."

Some people describe Tavia as happy water and calm. Working in showbiz for over 10 years, she doesn't get into impurity. One question, one answer, she is upright and honest, independent and bright. She is also someone that does get gossips around her. What improved is that she used to decline to interviews and afraid to answer questions. Now she can do 5 interviews in 1 day, and even have a few Gags up her sleeve to boost the atmosphere. Still fighting for fame and fortune, Tavia has no idea of winning, smooth and steady is the way for good development.

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