Wong He & Linda Chung at 'Cross Boundary Exploration' Prayer Ceremony

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Wong He & Linda Chung at 'Cross Boundary Exploration' Prayer Ceremony

Post by summer7879 on Wed Jul 01, 2009 9:18 pm

Credit : http://jaynestars.com
Source: Takungpao

A prayer ceremony was held for TVB’s new series, "Cross Boundary Exploration" 《囧探查過界》, yesterday. In attendance were cast members, Wong He, Linda Chung Ka Yan, Raymond Wong Ho Yin, Sek Sau etc.
Recently there were rumors that Wong He has become the new favorite of TVB executive, Stephen Chan. Allegedly, Wong He also joined Stephen’s fan club. Wong He noted that he has been good friends with Stephen since 1992, thus he was not a “new favorite.” A netizen recently set up a website for Stephen Chan. Earlier, someone asked if Wong He would join and he joked he would if such a fan club were established.

When it was pointed out that he should also be a member of TVB executive, Catherine Tsang’s fan club, Wong He laughed and said it would be a better idea to combine Stephen and Catherine’s clubs together.

In the series, Linda’s character is a model. In each scene, she will have to wear a new hairstyle and many outfits. The frequent costume changing will be very tiring. Linda has studied the expressions of Japanese models, Rainie Yang, and GEM. Why did Linda not emulate Hong Kong models and wear swimsuits? Linda laughed and said the script did not include this aspect, “I will not have to flaunt any cleavage." In the past, Linda often portrayed mature roles. “Cross Boundary Exploration” will allow her to play a personality closer to her real-life age.

Earlier, Raymond Lam Fung held his first concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum. (Why did Linda not attend the concert?) Linda noted that due to her filming schedule, she was unable to attend. (Was Linda interested in seeing Raymond’s T-back underwear and wet look?) "No, I just think that Raymond was extremely lucky. Although he has only debuted two years in the music industry, his concert was a success. Everyone who saw it said that Raymond appeared to be more experienced.”

At Raymond’s concert, Wong Cho Lam jokingly referred to Linda as Raymond’s “wife.” Linda did not mind, as it was just a joke.

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Re: Wong He & Linda Chung at 'Cross Boundary Exploration' Prayer Ceremony

Post by serendipity on Wed Jul 01, 2009 9:23 pm

>< linda should have went >;[

& i didn`t even know tvb executives had fan clubs ROFL


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