Nancy Wu Praises Kenneth Ma as Having Charisma

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Nancy Wu Praises Kenneth Ma as Having Charisma

Post by summer7879 on Sun Aug 09, 2009 9:54 pm

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Nancy Wu Praises Kenneth Ma as Having Charisma

Nancy Wu and Katy Kung were at an EMAX cooking event, and both of them made desserts following the chef's instructions. Nancy expressed that she had learned how to make soup from Gigi Wong while filming "A Bride for a Ride". "It's time for me to learn how to cook. I'm twenty something, I need two or three specialty dishes in order to have chance to get married". When asked if she had ever cooked for her boyfriend before, Nancy expressed that she hasn't, and rumoured boyfriend Kenneth Ma hasn't tried her cooking either. When the reporters asked Nancy about Manecy Chan openly expressing that she likes Kenneth, Nancy said, "That's a good thing! Ma Ming does have charisma". (Are you afraid?) She laughed and said, "Afraid of what? He is not my boyfriend!"

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