#2 Esther Lam doesn't mind being teased

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#2 Esther Lam doesn't mind being teased

Post by Matchbox on Sat Aug 22, 2009 6:31 am

Source: On.cc
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#2 Esther Lam doesn't mind being teased

#6 Carly Wong testing the Crown

#2 Esther Lam

Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2009 will be held at the Hong Kong Coliseum this evening. #2 Esther Lam was teased by the netizens and named "Goddess". Her profile on the offical TVB website is now ranked first place and most popular.

Tonight, the contestants will perform at the to compete for the title, 1st and 2nd runner up, Miss Photogenic and Miss International awards. Yesterday the finalists rehearsed in swimwear. #6 Carly Wong was drawn out by a sponsor to test out the crown. She was able to experience the feeling of being crowned the winner.

#2 Esther Lam awkwardly said that the netizens are too polite. The reporter asked if she had confidence in being placed in the Top 3? She said "Can I not answer this question? Although I would like to make it into the Top 3".

MC Eric Tsang also teased the "Goddess". He laughed "She said to be able to get into the finals she has already won. I feel she is outstanding and her particpation has
made people talk about the Pageant.

#8 Mizuni Hung

#4 Sandy Lau

#10 Germaine Li

#5 Winnie Ma

Would like to get into Top 3

At the scene #4 Sandy Lau, #8 Mizuni Hung and #10 Germaine Li looked their best. It is believed that they have most potential to get into the Top 3. #8 Mizuni was nicknamed "Moustache Hsu Chii" at the start of the Pageant but after 2 months the makeover has helped redeem herself. Lee San San, Myolie Wu and Skye Chan all praised her and made her successfully become a hot favorite. Mizuni said "After 2 months of training, I am more prettier. I have learned a lot and have confidence in myself. But I have no control over winning the title".

Originally #5 Winnie Ma was one of the contestants that had a high chance to battle for the crown. But she didn't look her best and has lost a lot of weight to the point where you could just see bones. She stated that she did not lose weight and her boyfriend will support her at the show. She did not avoid mentioning #4 Sandy Lau who had rumors with her. She praised Sandy being a good speaker and it's likely for her to make it into the Top 3.

Former Miss Hong Kong Loletta Chu will crown the new Miss Hong Kong. Guest performers are Connie Talbot, Leo Ku, Chilam Cheung and Gary Cao etc.
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