Hilary Tsui and her daughter Constance adore Lady Gaga

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Hilary Tsui and her daughter Constance adore Lady Gaga

Post by Matchbox on Tue Aug 25, 2009 8:06 am

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Hilary Tsui and her daughter adore Lady Gaga

Yesterday Hilary Tsui appeared at a new LG cellphone model function. She praised the transparent keypad looking very appealing. The reporter asked if she likes see through items? She laughed and said she likes things that are transparent such as crystals. Yesterday she displayed her collection of crystal phonograph decorations, crystal candle holders and a transparent fish tank for the exhibition. (Would Hilary wear see through clothing at home to spice up her love life?) She laughed and replied that she would rather see other people wear such clothing.

Recently Hilary and her daughter Constance totally adore Lady Gaga. Her dress sense is very daring and fashionable. There are claims that Lady Gaga is a hermaphrodite, but Hilary doesn't believe this. She has seen her perform live in Japan and Macau. She personally feels that her buttocks and thighs are not bony, yet look very feminine. Recently a clip of Lady Gaga exposing herself was uploaded on Youtube. The exposure clip revealed her private parts similar to a male. Hilary laughed "I haven't seen the clip. I like listening to her sing and I don't enjoy looking at her private parts". She expressed that Constance wanted to watch Lady Gaga perform but it was inconvenient to take her during both occassions.

Doesn't mind her Constance dressing up fashionable

The reporter asked if she was worried Constance would dress up like Lady Gaga in the future? She laughed and said she wasn't worried. She personally thinks Lady Gaga's dress sense is trendy. Some of her friends claimed that she looked like her too. She doesn't mind her Constance dressing up fashionable. Asked if husband Eason Chan would accept it? She said "yes, he is even more wild than me. We are a very open minded couple".
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Re: Hilary Tsui and her daughter Constance adore Lady Gaga

Post by Blossom on Wed Aug 26, 2009 12:22 pm

Haha Lady Gaga has so many fans around the world.
It's so cute that her daughter likes Lady Gaga too.

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