Ella Koon would not accept one night stand

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Ella Koon would not accept one night stand

Post by summer7879 on Thu Sep 17, 2009 10:04 pm

Credit : Source: Takungpao/MingPao(image)
Translator: R.E.D @ http://www.asianvn.com

Ella Koon would not accept one night stand

Radio Television Hong Kong will be releasing its first high-definition comedy "A Room for Rent" in October. The cast is still busy filming at the moment. Cheung Man Sun, Hong Kong Radio Television Assistant Broadcasting Director went to the studio to visit the cast yesterday. Kay Tse who sang the theme song "The Last Supper" was also there. The rest of the cast including Ella Koon, Leila Tong, John Chiang and Pakho Chow were there too. As mid-autumn festival is coming soon, the casts were having their pictures taken holding lanterns.

Ella revealed that she will be working on the mid-autumn festival. Reporter asked does that mean she won't be able to spend the festival with her boyfriend? Ella expressed that she doesn't mind because she is not a very traditional person. Since she lives with her family, she gets to see them everyday. The reporter reminded her that this year is the casts' first year to spend mid-autumn festival together. Ella smiled and said she hasn't thought about that, but she is very happy to be working on that day. Ella added in this economy, she is more worried that she hasn't got a job to go to.

There is an intimate scene between Pakho and Ella in the series, it describes they have a one night stand. Ella told reporter they haven't filmed that part yet, but it won't be too exciting. This is because the airing time is early evening, suitable for the whole family to watch. The aim of this story is to reflect the society and its problem. Hopefully, people will get the message. The reporter asked if she had the experience of one night stand? Ella said she never experienced that, and she would not accept it anyway. This is because she hardly goes out at night. Sometimes when she has foreign visitors, they usually go out and have a drink. Ella said "I understand one night stand means you go with people you don't know, I won't accept that even though I am very open minded, no-way."

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