Justin Lo safely returns to work; Andrew Lam does Gary Cao skit

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Justin Lo safely returns to work; Andrew Lam does Gary Cao skit

Post by summer7879 on Sun Sep 27, 2009 8:47 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AEU

Justin Lo safely returns to work; Andrew Lam does Gary Cao skit

Yesterday it was the first time Justin Lo appeared to meet the public at his good friend Andrew Lam's concert as his guest performer after the Gary-Justin fight. He was on stage and clarified many times that he did not get injured, although Andrew did not care and kept criticizing Gary, Justin continued to defend him. [Note: Andrew Lam = Lam Man Chung]

Andrew said at his concert: "My hat is called 'Little Thief Ah Chung', nothing can pull it off my head no matter if its strong winds or rain. But this time its no matter how much I fight, it won't fall off. But let's don't talk about this, I don't want people to warn me!"

When Justin made his appearance, he was immediately boo-ed by the audience. He explained: "I didn't care about my head". Justin then updated everyone on the current situation: "I am fine, every part of me is fine. Thank you everyone for your concern, the most important thing is I have your support."

Andrew did a skit of "Gary Cao Comes Into Body" and played drunk. In the skit, he requested to switch hats with Justin, but Justin only laughed foolishly the whole time, but when Andrew said that Gary had no right to bully Justin, Justin immediately defended his good friend: "This is only his personal opinion!" He then sang "Good Person", there were supportive cheers heard below the stage. Justin then did a 90 degree bow to Thank everyone.

After the concert, Justin left backstage on his company's security vehicle, but soon there were more than a hundred reporters surrounding him, causing a chaos. During the chaos, one television cameraman got trapped between the car and the crowd. Justin saw that the crowd was getting out of hand, so he decided to get off the car to let the Media take pictures. But when the reporters mentioned "your magic hat got great response?", "have you considered hair weaving?", "Will you take legal action on Gary?".... Justin continued to smile at the camera and did not respond to any of the questions. When Justin left, the cameraman was not injured, but the captured video was affected.

The organizers made arrangements for Justin to rehearse for his performance at 5pm, but because they feared that the Media would cause a chaos, he was scheduled to rehearse at 8:30pm accompanied by a staff at Gold Label. He smiled silently.

Gold Label's CEO expressed: "Justin has not talked about the incident with the police yet. He of course does not have intentions in taking legal action towards Gary. Tomorrow, Gold Label and the lawyer will discuss about the case and see what advice the lawyer has."

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