Vivian Chow admits she has high risk of getting breast cancer

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Vivian Chow admits she has high risk of getting breast cancer

Post by summer7879 on Wed Oct 07, 2009 11:27 pm

Credit : Source: Takungpao
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Vivian Chow admits she has high risk of getting breast cancer

Vivian Chow, as "Pink Ambassador" attended "Pink Revolution" activity yesterday to raise the awareness of breast cancer. She stressed the importance of making early diagnosis. Vivian had her picture taken with a group of women who have recovered from breast cancer.

This is Vivian's 4th years as the "Pink Ambassador". She revealed that October is her "Health Care" month because she has her "cervical smear" screening as well as her "breast check". Vivian said "I wait till the 8th day after my "monthly periods" to have my health check. This is because women between the age of 40-49 has the highest incidence of breast cancer. I am one of the high risk groups. My mother had breast cancer before and I haven't had any children yet. I have all the risks of getting breast cancer. (Having a baby can reduce one of the risks.) I will not have a baby for my convenience. I haven't changed my plan." There are over 2,300 women diagnosed as having breast cancer every year. Therefore Vivian is going to persuade or sponsor her friends to have their health checks.

Vivian hasn't made any movie for 13 years. There are reports recently that she is retuning to acting in Ann Hui's new film. She plays the role of as a lesbian with Sandra Ng. Vivian has accepted to act in that film because she finds the role challenging. Vivian said "I never knew the script can be ready do quickly. Ann contacted me in July. In fact I have quite a few offers, but I didn't want to repeat playing the same role. This film is different from the others; there will be difficulties, but I consider it a challenge. I personally like Ann's work, she is talented and she does her work well. This is an opportunity to play and develop such role as a woman. (You and Sandra very daring in your roles?) This is not important, the script is being altered all the time. (Would you accept any daring scene?) The focus of the film is not about being daring. I am ready to play that role and I will detach myself, and act as a professional. (Are you hoping to get an award?) I haven't thought about that. I am enjoying the process of working on that film. (Your husband supports you to return to acting") Agreed."

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