Bobby Au Yeung complains back: He's picking on me!,

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Bobby Au Yeung complains back: He's picking on me!,

Post by summer7879 on Thu Oct 22, 2009 8:37 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Bobby Au Yeung complains back: He's picking on me!,

Oriental Daily received a complaint from a citizen, saying that Bobby Au Yeung was seen in Central parking his car, but because of the problems he faced in finding a spot, he threw a fit. The complaint said that Bobby is a public figure and his attitude is inappropriate. Bobby claimed that they did not cut him some slack and seems to be picking on the artist's status.

It was said that Bobby was parking his car at a garage in Central, but because there were no spaces, the administrator there requested that Bobby leave, but Bobby requested back for him to remove the cones blocking the entrance so he can wait for his passengers. However because his car would block the area, the administrator refused to let Bobby do so.

"Looks like a murderer"
The complainer also said that they saw Bobby throw a fit taking out his anger on the administrator, very bad attitude. Then two police officers came to the scene and requested that the administrator remove the cones and let Bobby stand at the garage, Bobby then glared at the administrator and his attitude is completely opposite from his image on television that we usually see. The reader said: "As a public figure, he really shouldn't be having that attitude, looks like a murderer! Usually when we see him in front of cameras, very positive attitude, couldn't believe he's like that in real life!"

Reporters called Bobby to clarify, he said: "Then did he/she say that they were wrong, had bad attitude first? At the time I did not use foul language. Actually at the time I was just hoping that he would cut me some slack, let me stand outside of the garage for a little bit, fortunately there were other cars that were leaving and they allowed me in because that car who left will not be returning until half an hour later. He wasn't willing to accommodate, but then in less than 3 seconds there was a car leaving, then the administrator told another car to go in and park, you tell me is that the right thing to do? This is the part where it really angered me! I did argue with him because I felt that he was picking on me because I'm a public figure. (Did you call the police?) No! I originally thought someone reported me, reported that I'm mean. (When you got to enter the garage did you glare at him?) I didn't even look at him with the side of my eye!"

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