Tavia Yeung idolize Takeshi Kaneshiro

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Tavia Yeung idolize Takeshi Kaneshiro

Post by summer7879 on Sat Oct 31, 2009 2:15 am

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Tavia Yeung idolize Takeshi Kaneshiro

Tavia Yeung who becomes the hot favourite for Best Actress in TVB Anniversary Awards this year based on TVB grand production, Beyond The Realm Of Conscience, actually idolize Takeshi Kaneshiro. She said, “Actually I idolize good looking guys. When Takeshi Kaneshiro came to HK in 1993, I already felt he was good looking. Other than tall and has a pair of big attractive eyes, he also has dimples when he smiles. He really looks attractive. I remember that his first movie was “The Heroic Trio 2”. That time he collaborated with Anita Mui, Maggie Cheung and Michelle Yeoh. Amongst all of his movies, I like “Tempting Heart” and “Turn Left Turn Right”. Actually I watched most of his movies. I’m really a big fan of him.”

When asked whether she chased her idol at that time, Tavia Yeung said, “No! I only support him silently. Actually I really want to collaborate with him after I entered this industry but there is no chance! I remember there was one time when I bumped into him in the airport. I was like little fans at that time. I kept on look at him but I was too shy to walk towards him. If there are chances for me to collaborate with him now, I think I will be too nervous and will keep on NG repeatedly!”!

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