Tavia Yeung – A New Beginning After 10 Years

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Tavia Yeung – A New Beginning After 10 Years

Post by summer7879 on Sat Nov 21, 2009 3:35 am

Credit : Source: HOME Magazine November Issue
Magazine Scans: tavia.org
Credits: Jessie's Blog

Tavia Yeung – A New Beginning After 10 Years

Time passes fast. Tavia Yeung has entered this industry for 10 years. She expressed, “10 years has passed. However this is also a new beginning for me.” Recently TVB is airing Tavia’s series and this role is similar to the road in her career life.

A new start after an end

Tavia Yeung gives us fresh and new feelings with her new hairstyle. “The roles that I portrayed last time were weak and always cry. A new beginning means that I have to change and give audiences new fresh feelings. A few days ago, I cut my hair short and hope to change into a new style. Hope that it will bring out a stylist feel.

10 years ago, Tavia Yeung entered acting training class and tried out many different roles. She gained a lot of experiences from there. “Acting training class is the base of an actor/actress. If I can choose again, I will still choose to enter acting training class as my beginning step. Tavia Yeung slowly climbed up and received “Most Improved Actress” award and “Best Supporting Actress” award. Tavia did not feel proud of gaining awards as she believes that there will be more challenges for her in 10 years and 20 years time.

Filial is most important

After 10 years, it is believed that Tavia Yeung has gained something from her career. She only expressed that she becomes more mature than before. However, she admitted that there are still rooms for improvements in her acting skills. “My life changes during my work in these 10 years. I can give my mother a more comfortable life.” She expressed that the reason that she works hard to earn money is to give her family a more stable life in future. Tavia kept a smiling face when she mentioned her mother and family as if she has forgotten all her busy work recently. “My mother takes care of my life and gives me supports!” As for her father, she said that her father passed away long time ago. Therefore, she will appreciate the time and life with her family and hopes to lead a simple life with her family.

Evilness as changes

Recently, TVB is airing Tavia Yeung’s series, Beyond The Realm Of Conscience. The villain role that she portrayed inside the series is different from the weak roles that she portrayed in the past. This might become her new beginning after 10 years. “There were challenges for my first villain role. There were stages in my evilness and therefore, I always practiced eyes expressions before official filming. Hope that eyes expressions can give audiences the evil feelings.” As for the storylines, she did not reveal out and she hopes to bring surprises for audiences.

Other than storyline, many people are discussing whether she can win award based on this role. She said, “I never feel extremely nervous about it. Maybe it is because still early now. However, award is something that we cannot ask for. I just hope that I can do the best for my job as an actress. After build the stable base, then I can take up new challenges. After that, then it is not just in name only but is also in reality.” Tavia was interested to talk more about the series rather than awards. “Last time, the way peoples communicated was simple and straight forward. They could kill peoples because of their own benefits. The society now is still the same but they will use a different method. However, they will still show out the ugliness of a human nature.” Luckily, she said that she has never met these types of peoples before. Maybe she is someone that likes peace and doesn’t like to compete and doesn’t like to involve in gossips. Most important is happy and clear conscience. No wonder she has not much of gossips and rumours in the past 10 years.

Dream House

Tavia Yeung hopes for a simple and comfortable life. “A simple house will do.” She will not emphasize into the design of the house. She just hopes that the house is bright and has warm feelings. White and peach colour design and furniture is her favourite. She expressed, “I cannot separate too far away from my mother. If I get married in the future, I will stay near with my mother and we can take care of each other.”

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