Felix Wong shooting series is too body trapping

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Felix Wong shooting series is too body trapping

Post by summer7879 on Fri Dec 11, 2009 12:08 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Felix Wong shooting series is too body trapping

Felix Wong, Michael Miu and Jessica Hsuan attended TVB new series "Interpol" blessing ceremony yesterday. Jessica exposed that after work, Felix stays behind in the studio helping with the clean up and to teach the newcomers, people should learn from him. The happiest thing is that when Andy Lau came into TVB city to visit the set, causing pressure for everyone. All three leads expressed that filming of this series has been quite relaxing.

Felix was once not satisfied with television productions, he said: "The work this time is pretty relaxing, there's lots of time to rest. After work, I of course go home, it's just sometimes other artistes said that they hope that I could watch them act and give them some advice." (Have you already made it clear of the work hours beforehand?) "Everyone tries their best to make arrangements. Can arrange a few artistes to shoot first and switch. Just have more communication."(Next time will he shoot more series?) "Not a high possibility, I feel trapped filming series. I mind most when the script is not fully written, so we're filming as the script is being written. It's hard for both the cast and behind the scenes crew because we are unprepared, therefore it's easiler to make a mistake."

Jessica laughed and expressed that this series is the most relaxed one she has ever done in her 10 years in the industry: "It's going very smoothly because I'm not a police officer, actually Felix has it harder because he has to teach the newcomers and sometimes after work he would stay behind to give advice. Michael also expressed that the filming process has been smooth, asked if Felix had complained to him, Michael smiled: "Friends won't complain or get angry."

Towards Andy Lau coming to visit the set, Felix said: "I personally didn't have pressure, but he just suddenly came, it was a pleasant surprise. Before Andy asked Michael one time about it, but couldn't believe he appeared the next day." How did the others react? "Nancy Wu has never been that obedient and gentle, she asked Andy using a soft voice if she could take a picture with him."

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