Tavia Yeung – Classic Beauty

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Tavia Yeung – Classic Beauty

Post by summer7879 on Thu Feb 25, 2010 5:41 am

Credit : Source: HIM Issue 116
Magazine Scans: tavia.org
Credits: Jessie's Blog

Tavia Yeung who entered this industry for 11 years, played her own duty well all these years and never thought of climbing up to the top position without hard work. She will not use rumours and sexiness to gain popularity and will use her strength and acting ability to prove to audiences. Maybe is due to her character, her beauty derives from her inner self and she really gives the classic beauty feel to everyone.

High peak in career

When asked regarding their wish amongst 10 artistes that accepted interview, 9 of them would say that they wanted to have a representative series. Since 2006, Tavia took part in various series that were well received by audiences. The most memorable moment would definitely during receiving Most Favourite Female character and Best Performance Awards last year based on her role in Beyond The Realm Of Conscience. That was the time whereby Tavia reached high peak in her career. Regarding awards, Tavia felt, “This was my first time portraying villain role in Beyond The Realm Of Conscience. Of course I put a lot of efforts during the filming of this series. During the airing of this series, the good responses from audiences really gave me a big encouragement. Regarding both of the awards, these are recognitions for me.”

Only depends on acting skills

Tavia kept on expressed during the interview that she was lucky to bump into a good role as the role has a huge development in acting skills. For her, her performance is most important and she hopes that she can bring new fresh feelings to audiences in every series that she takes part. “Normally when I receive a script, I will analyse it or discuss it with producer to have my first impression of the role. I will put my efforts in portraying the role. If the audiences like the role, it will be a bonus for me. Each time I will put all my efforts in my work and I don’t want to use rumours as publicity for myself towards audiences.”

Changes image

From Tavia’s appearance, she looks like someone that doesn’t talk much and looks cool. However, it is opposite. She is friendly and at the same time serious towards her job. During the photo-shooting, she would keep on walk towards the computer to look at the photos and hoped to bring out the best results. “Last time I was a bit more conservative on my image and my mind. I didn’t want to make huge changes but as an artiste, we have to keep fresh feelings to audiences. A constantly changing image will not make the audiences feel bored. When I heard of praises on my look, this boosted up my confidence and I had the courage to try up more changes. I will not be same like last time and for me, pretty and the outcome are equally important.”

Without Love

For girls, other than having a stable career, a stable love relationship is equally important. Her stable career is now lack of love relationship. “Last year, I nearly didn’t take a break due to my work. I even lacked of sleeping time so how to have the time to date? Moreover, we are unable to demand in terms of love relationship. It is not that if you ask for it, you will get it. If the thing is not under my control, I rather stop thinking about it. Let’s leave everything to fate.”

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