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Tavia Yeung's Nose brings good luck, earned 7 figures within half a year for mom

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Tavia Yeung's Nose brings good luck, earned 7 figures within half a year for mom Empty Tavia Yeung's Nose brings good luck, earned 7 figures within half a year for mom

Post by summer7879 on Mon Jul 04, 2011 3:31 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao Weekly Issue #2225, Credit: TVBChannel
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums

Tavia Yeung's Nose brings good luck, earned 7 figures within half a year for mom 20110702235938tavia2

Tavia Yeung's Nose brings good luck, earned 7 figures within half a year for mom

Tavia Yeung has been in the industry for 13 years, she started out from TVB acting class (or artist training class), being the Miss Guest Star. It was only until recently, she became a DongKa FaDan, getting fresh new rumors and gossips. After Yes Sir, Sorry Sir, Tavia's nose has turned into the hottest subject. It was said her nose is getting sharper and sharper, her nose bridge has more and more meat. This got her the "Puppet Nose" name, but with her optimistic personality, she could careless. Tavia felt the there are too many gossips in the entertainment circle, so there is no need to clarify: "Even if I give evidence, it is still useless. This industry is hard to say, all I can say is that however the public says my looks has changed, I still have a happy attitude because it turns out that they are just saying I got prettier. Also this proves I have discussion value, which means I am well-known."

Towards her 'Puppet Nose' reputation, Tavia laughed out loud in response: "Wah, I like puppets!" Does she not mind being called 'puppet nose'? "I really don't mind at all, I don't care about the wording, the article can be written up to the heavens or even down to hell if they want. For all reports, the more I care, the more unhappy I'll be. I rather just worry about earning more money for my mom. Whatever happens around me, to me, it is not important."

So, did Tavia really get plastic surgery on her nose? She helplessly expressed: "Aiya! If I have time to, I would go do my eyes because I dislike my eyes looking so deep." Aside from the nose topic, since Charmaine Sheh left TVB, the public has been actively discussing who will take her place as TVB's Big Sister. Currently being heavily promoted, Tavia is one of the big possible successors and this becomes another topic. However, Tavia said: "I have never thought of being the Big Sister. Nobody can replace Charmaine's position, Charmaine is Charmaine. I can just hope to do my best on my own part, do my best on all my roles. I spent 13 years, starting from minor roles and getting up from there."

"I remember my first series was The Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre 2000, I had no lines. From that moment on, I never thought about what I would get back." Tavia works in the entertainment industry, her motivation is to earn money to support her mother. "My mom doesn't have a job, my older sister (Griselda Yeung) has her own family, so I am considered the financial support in the family. I want to earn more money for my mom to live a better life, not for big fame and fortune. I just want my mom to be happy and comfortable, then that is enough." She is seriously a complete filial daughter.

For her mother, Tavia goes out digging for gold nonstop. Since the beginning of 2011 until now, she earned 7 figures in just a short period of 6 months. "This year is my first time going to Mainland to shoot a series. The money I got for shooting Harem was quite satisfying and I was able to collaborate with good actor Patrick Tam. I am truly happy, although the weather was very cold during the 2 months we were shooting in Mainland, it was still a joy. I hope to have more opportunities to shoot Mainland series in the future."

This year, Tavia is the strongest in the gold digging (earning money), but her health declined quite a bit. She felt it matches: "Before when I was studying in the acting class, it was unpaid, but there was no stress in life, I was very happy. Now that I can earn more money, no matter if it's in work or mentally, there is definitely stress. Also, my current flu condition has not fully recovered yet. Within two months, I went to the see the doctor 6 times, making my whole body not in the right state and not healthy. It's useless no matter how much I earn."

TVB broadcast 3 of her series this year including: The Rippling Blossom, Yes Sir, Sorry Sir and The Other Truth. Also, her "Puppet Nose" hot topic brought her good luck, already taking in 7 figures of income in a short 6 months period.

- Slimming Endorsement Contract (~HK$500,000)
- Mainland drama "Harem" (HK$60,000 x 22 episodes) = (HK$1.32 million) - Shopping Mall Functions (HK$80,000 x 3) = (HK$240,000)
- Mainland Real Estate Event (HK$100,000 x 2) = (HK$200,000)

Grand Total = HK$2.66 million

Tavia Yeung's Nose brings good luck, earned 7 figures within half a year for mom 30773410
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