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Against Drugs (RTHK Production) 毒海浮生 Drug Battle

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Against Drugs (RTHK Production) 毒海浮生 Drug Battle Empty Against Drugs (RTHK Production) 毒海浮生 Drug Battle

Post by ron1404 on Sun Aug 16, 2009 1:36 am

Source: Mingpao
DateL 12/08/2009
Against Drugs (RTHK Production) 毒海浮生 Drug Battle
Channel: TVB (Wednesday) 7PM
Translated by Matchbox

Hong Kong teenagers taking drugs is a big concern. Although Anti-drug information are continuously being issued, it still doesn't prevent the younger generation from taking drugs. They treat drugs like taking medicine and it has become a form of communication between friends. How drugs kill and make one suffer have finally been revealed on the surface. This is a problem the society face and needs to be battled.

RTHK TV Productions have produced a new series called "Drug Battle" during a time where drug addiction is becoming increasingly popular. It will be a 5 drama series that makes the audience aware of how drugs can affect one's life. The people who suffer drug addiction need a lot of encouragement and help from their family in order to battle against drugs.

"Drug Battle" producer Tse Shui Fong states that in preparation for the programme they studied many drug addict cases. He feels that the storyline is based on real life scenarios. "The new series "Drug Battle" is against dangerous medicines. We researched Cases such as a parent getting addicted to drugs and taking drugs while he was teaching his daughter homework. In the end we didn't use this case for the storyline. As well as using a drama approach to give out the anti-drug message, real victims will also appear to make each story memorable". Tse Shui Fong expressed that the first story is based on parents helping their son out of a drug addiction problem. The parents have spent 8 years to successfully stop their son from taking drugs. They have experienced so much together during the critical times.

Tse Shui Fong said "Also there is a victim that started to taking drugs because of her boyfriend and stopped taking drugs as of his request. Another person took cough medicine because of work pressure. They thought taking it was fun but later got addicted for life".

Episode 5 of "Drug Battle" is still being filmed. The storyline will be connected with the "Schools Drug Examination Plan". Tse Shui Fong said "We have come across students who take heroin. Rich students to poor students all have the chance to touch drugs. They will share the costs and share the drugs with each other. Many of the side effects these drugs bring are hard to imagine".

Joey Meng becomes a Drug Addict

Tse Shui Fong expressed that choosing the actors was very difficult. "Taking medicines that are harmful and taking drugs are totally different when it comes to traditional procedures in qutting. To be able to express how someone is before they take drugs and after needs to be played by professional and talented actors. They need to show the happy and sad side, even times when they are numb and out of control. Some singers have refused to play such roles perhaps because they are afraid it will affect their image. EEG have helped us a great deal and allowed Chan Ka Lok and Lok Tsang Wai to film with us. I also need to Thank Joey Meng. She started off playing a beautiful girl and eventually became a ugly drug addict. She sacrificed herself for art".

Episode 4: Man Man (Joey Meng) is in love with a married man. She trys to get away from reality and takes sleeping pills with her boyfriend. She soon becomes heavily addicted to it and started to do things she wouldn't normally do. In the end she got caught for shop lifting and got taken to a rehab.

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