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Fala Chen - Has Never Concealed Herself

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Fala Chen - Has Never Concealed Herself Empty Fala Chen - Has Never Concealed Herself

Post by summer7879 on Sun Aug 16, 2009 9:50 pm

Credit : hyn5 @ hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.com

Fala Chen - Has Never Concealed Herself

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Fala Chen is first runner-up for Miss Chinese International 2005. After entering the entertainment business to become an artiste, she has had many rumours, and she was once labeled as "hau jing" by the media. It wasn't until last year's "Moonlight Resonance" that she played the mute role of Ah Hing that the audience have started to accept her, and her "goon jung yuen" have increased. "There are many things that require you to slowly to understand. There are many of these things in life that are like this. In the beginning, there are many things and many people that can easily be deceived by, but people can be deceived for a long time. As time grows, other people will see the clear picture. I am the same person in front and behind the camera, I will not conceal it. I cannot stop the media from writing about me. In order for the audience to change their views about me, they can listen to my interviews, go to my blog, or meet me in person". The entertainment circle is a game, and although Fala understands the rules, she still reminances her past lifestyle. "I frequently reminance the past because before entering the business, it was very happy going to school. All I thought about was getting enrolled in a good school, and later I would think about working for a big company, and earning a lot of money those sorts of dreams. It was simple and happy. I have never imagined the lifestyle that I have now. I am still processing it. There are new things everyday, and that includes success and pressure. However, [being an artiste] does not have the full of dream kind of feeling when I was in school where I would fascinate about future".

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Happy about Love Life

After entering the business for five years, Fala has had many opportunites, and she has filmed over ten TV series. Recently, she had taken on the role of "Laughing So" in "Turning Point". She laughs, "When I was discussing about this character with the company, and meeting with the director, I didn't know that there was so many competitors [for the role], and I wasn't thinking about competing for the role. It wasn't until I was confirmed to play the role that I knew that so many people wanted it. I felt very sudden and shocked. I will cherish this opportunity, and do my best. I will do the same for filming series and filming movies, I will try my best to work at the crew's pace because movie film are expensive, so it does not allow much time for me to think about my wrongs. After filming this movie, I would like to have more opportunities to continue and film movies because one [movie] is not enough to fulfill the feeling of acting".

Other than work, Fala's love life is stable. Although she has never admitted her relationship with Sit Sai Hang (Neway karaoke owner's son), but when asked about her love life, she smiled sweetly, and said, "I'm happy about my love life. Actually, I am very fortunate because the people I have encountered are very good guys, and I've never been deceived before. The filming of sad, painful, and bothered love life in series, have never happened to me in reality. They are all happy. To be loved is a very fortunate and happy thing". Earlier, Fala went scuba diving in Hawaii for a week and got a tan after the filming of "Legend of Pu Song Ling". "I haven't seen my parents for a long. I had holidays, so I went back to the states and visited them. I also went scuba diving to get charged up".

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