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Dressage to Win - 盛裝舞步愛作戰 (2009)

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Dressage to Win -  盛裝舞步愛作戰 (2009) Empty Dressage to Win - 盛裝舞步愛作戰 (2009)

Post by Matchbox on Sun Feb 07, 2010 11:07 am

Dressage to Win -  盛裝舞步愛作戰 (2009) Dtw

Title: 盛裝舞步愛作戰

Cantonese/Mandarin title: Sing Chong Mo Bo Oi Chok Chin / Sheng Zhuang Wu Bu Ai Zuo Zhan

English title: Dressage to Win
Also known as: Hearts of Fencing III

Genre: Teen, romance

Episodes: 9

Broadcast network: TVB

Broadcast period: 2008-June-14 to 2008-Aug-03

Air time: Saturday 23:00-23:30

Opening theme song: Step from Heart to Heart (一步一傾心) by Phoenix Yeung & Iris Wu
* Insert songs: Reluctant (捨不得) by Patrick Tang, various English songs
* Related TV series: Hearts of Fencing


A mini TVB series created in celebration for the 2008 Olympics, revolving around twelve young adults as students at a horse riding school with hopes to win the scholarship to England to further learn horseback riding at the end of the year. The plot surrounds the development of these twelve's (love) relationships as well as Siu Ma's, as well as learning a deeper meaning to horseback riding.


The Guys

* Ken Hung as Ben
* Him Law as Ah Him
* Carlos Chan as Nel
* Ryan Lam as Peter

The Girls

* Michelle Wai as Michelle
* Kimmy Kwan as Kimmy
* Wylie Chiu as Boy
* Katy Kung as Mary
* Vanko Wong as Mei Mei
* Phoebe Chan as Phoebe
* Renee Lee as Renee
* Kimasa Kwok as Kimasa

Extended Cast

* Andy Hui as Siu Ma 小馬
* Tracy Yip as Mrs. Dai Ma 大馬太
* Mandy Lieu as Mandy
* Bill Chan as the principle
* Ivan Wang as Hero Sir
* William So as William So
* Eddie Ng as Siu Ma's friend (ep3-4)
* Edmond Leung as Siu Ma's friend (ep3-4)


* Hins Cheung as a passerby (ep01)
* Benz Hui as a Cashier (ep01)
* Ella Koon as a Cashier (ep02)
* Natalis Chan as a horse owner (ep02)
* Yu Man Si as Yu Man Si (ep02)
* Niki Chow as a horse owner (ep03)
* HotCha as students (ep04)
* Grace H as Grace H (ep04)
* Chow Jung as Chow Jung (ep04)
* Henry Yue as Kimmy's father (ep4-5)
* Ching Hor Wai as Kimmy's mother (ep4-5)
* Fiona Fung as Sales clerk
* Mimi Chu as Ah Him's mother (ep05)
* Calinda Chan as Ah Him's first sister (ep05)
* Destiny Cheng as Ah Him's second sister (ep05)
* Doris Chow as Ah Him's third sister (ep05)
* Wilfred Lau as Wilfred Lau
* Fiona Sit as a mental patient (ep06)
* Joey Mak as nurse (ep06)
* Jason Chan as Doctor Chan (ep6-7)
* Charles Szeto as a passerby (ep07)
* Alex Fong as Sean (ep7&9)
* JJ Jia as Lola (ep08)
* Ben Wong as Lee sir (ep08)
* Dan Jun Wai (as Dan Jun Wai
* Leo Ho as Leo Ho
* Freeze as Freeze

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