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D.I.E. Again - 古靈精探B (2009)

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D.I.E. Again -  古靈精探B (2009) Empty D.I.E. Again - 古靈精探B (2009)

Post by Matchbox on Sun Feb 07, 2010 11:48 am

D.I.E. Again -  古靈精探B (2009) 800pxdieagain

Title: 古靈精探B
English title: D.I.E. Again
Episodes: 25
Broadcast period: 2009-Aug-18 to 2009-Sep-19
Air time: Monday to Friday 21:30 - 22:30
Theme song: Digging into the Truth (追根究柢) by Roger Kwok


Six months have passed since D.I.E. (Detective Investigation Extension) has dispersed. While Ying Jing Jing is on maternity leave, the other members: Yu Tze Long, Cheung Ching Yee, Tse Siu Feng, and Pang Mei Wan have returned to their original positions before D.I.E. was first established. Their supervisors soon find it hard to withstand the troubles that they create everyday. After embarassing the Chief Superintendent of Police, Lau Yut Ding, in an anti-vice operation, the higher officials decide exile them all back to the re-establish D.I.E.. This time, they are led by Yu Tze Long's former supervisor, Law Yau Hung.


* Roger Kwok as Yu Tze Long 于子朗
* Sonija Kwok as Ying Jing Jing 邢晶晶
* Derek Kwok as Cheung Ching Yee 張正義
* Sin Ho Ying as Tse Siu Feng 謝小鳳
* Mimi Lo as Pang Mei Wan 彭美雲
* Kwok Fung as Law Yau Hung 羅有恆
* Macy Chan as Law Pak Chi 羅柏芝 (Pat)
* Him Law as Chim Syu Bong 詹樹邦

Ying Family

* Nancy Wu as Ying Pui Pui 邢珮珮 (Momoko)
* Ha Ping as Kam Sam Soon 金三順
* Chun Wong as Ying Nam 刑楠
* Lee Fung as Ng Suk Duk 吳淑德

Yu Family

* Rain Lau as Kan Chi Mei 簡緻美 (Anastasia)
* Kitty Yuen as So Bik 蘇碧

Yan Family

* Yu Tze Ming as Yan Kwok Fu 甄國富
* Mannor Chan as So Sze Nga 蘇詩雅
* Peter Lai as Lok Bun 駱斌
* Brian Wong as Yan Heung Gwong 甄向光 (Roy)
* Eric Li as Yan Heung Wing / Yan Heung Wah 甄向榮 / 甄向華 (Fred / Sean)


* Zac Kao as Ko Choi Sang 高才生
* Edwin Siu as Kam Chi Fung 甘至峰 (Jose)
* Stephen Huynh as Man Lung 文龍 (Pierre)
* Suet Nei as Cheung Muk Lan 張沐蘭
* Jessie Shum as Luk On Tung 陸安彤 (Icy)
* Wong Ching as Chan Gai Ying 陳繼英
* Stephen Wong as Wong Tong 黃棠
* Benjamin Yuen as Tong Kai Fat 唐啟發
* Joey Mak as Reporter

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