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Once A Gangster - 飛砂風中轉 (2010)

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Once A Gangster - 飛砂風中轉 (2010) Empty Once A Gangster - 飛砂風中轉 (2010)

Post by Matchbox on Mon Feb 08, 2010 3:10 pm

Once A Gangster - 飛砂風中轉 (2010) Www1atwikicom

Title: 飛砂風中轉
English title: Once A Gangster
Genre: Gangster, Action, Comedy
Release date(s): 20/05/2010
Theme Song: 飛砂風中轉
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese, Mandarin
Producer: Alan Mak 麥兆輝
Director: Felix Chong 莊文強
Screenwriter: Felix Chong 莊文強


Brisket ( Jordan Chan ) has been recommended by the current Kingpin ( Alex Fong ) as the heir to the operations because he has once killed many people. However, he has no intentions to return since he is now a successful chef and owner of a renown restaurant in Hong Kong.

Sparrow ( Ekin Cheng ), the other Kingpin candidate, has just been released from jail. His mother ( Yu An-an ) has big plans for him to make a return. However Sparrow's biggest wish was to study Economics at the Hong Kong University.

Both of them try to keep away from the big boss and not get involved in the situations, but behind them is a big problem. they are implicated and expected to replace fallen comrades. It is difficult for them to behave with integrity, and they have no choice but to once more get involved.


Ekin Cheng 鄭伊健 as Sparrow 燕子文 (Kingpin candidate)
Jordan Chan 陳小春 as Brisket 火腩 (Kingpin candidate)
Alex Fong 方中信 as 火水 (Current Kingpin)
Yu An-an 余安安 as 啤梨 (Sparrow's mother, Grand daughter of the original Kingpin)
Michelle Ye 葉璇 as 爛芝 (Briset's Wife)
Wilfred Lau 劉浩龍 as 永仁 (Undercover Cop)
Conroy Chan 陳子聰
C Kwan C君 (農夫)
Pong Nan 藍奕邦

Once A Gangster - 飛砂風中轉 (2010) Hkmov12644902160

Once A Gangster - 飛砂風中轉 (2010) Hkmov12644902162

Once A Gangster - 飛砂風中轉 (2010) Hkmov12644902161

Once A Gangster - 飛砂風中轉 (2010) Hkmov12644902163
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