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Fire Of Conscience - 火龍 (2010)

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Fire Of Conscience - 火龍 (2010) Empty Fire Of Conscience - 火龍 (2010)

Post by Matchbox on Mon Feb 08, 2010 3:24 pm

Fire Of Conscience - 火龍 (2010) 1265422766

Title: 火龍
English Title: Fire Of Conscience
Release Date: April 1, 2010
Genre: Action/Adventure, Thriller
Director: Dante Lam

The investigation of a prostitute homicide brings headstrong, heavy-handed Detective Manfred in an unlikely collaboration with sly, man-of-the-world Inspector Kee from the Narcotics Bureau.

When the DNA samples of one of Manfred’s fellow officers are found at the crime scene, implicating him as the prime suspect, Manfred must look beyond the obvious to get to the truth. Meanwhile, Kee’s uncanny eagerness to lend a helping hand every step of the way outside his own turf is beginning to smack of evil.

In the line of fire between high levels of corruption and possible malice, Manfred must solve all the twists and turns of the mystery, trying to figure out who his enemy is and how to save his innocent partner from unfathomable disgrace. Unwittingly, he is about to open a Pandora’s Box that will threaten to upend the entire Hong Kong Police Force.


Leon Lai
Richie Yen
Wang Bao Qiang

Fire Of Conscience - 火龍 (2010) 200911231552340470x270c
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