Sammi Cheng: I have thought about reconcile with Andy Hui

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Sammi Cheng: I have thought about reconcile with Andy Hui

Post by summer7879 on Fri Aug 06, 2010 4:25 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
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Sammi Cheng: I have thought about reconcile with Andy Hui

Yesterday afternoon, Sammi Cheng posted a thousand character article entitled (Among The One Small Piece Of The Sky) on both Weibo and Facebook, revealing her and Andy Hui's linked in countless ways 20 year relationship. Carrying the "third party" offense, Sammi seriously stressed: "Again, from the beginning to end, we have never gotten back together. Broke up almost a decade ago, in these several thousand days, if you ask me deep down have I ever thought about getting back together with Andy, I will honestly answer 'I have'. I confess that I have thought about it, but did it eventually happen? No, never, never did it happen. About Andy's break up with his girlfriend, under the media's pen Sammi Cheng is duty bound, never have we developed into the reconcile stage, I'm suffocating."

After break-up, Sammi and Andy remained as loyal friends, like a guardian: "Does this have love? Of course, I met this person when I was 16, in unseen words we have become a guardian mutually. Love turned into friendship, I treasure it."

About the public accusing them of getting back together with an old lover, Sammi frankly said that is not a simple matter: "We have broken up so many years ago, we have many of our own experiences thereafter, as time goes, we changed a lot. Andy and I are not the same as we were 20 years ago. To be together again, it is not based on the past memories that will make it happen.. in the last decade, I have bumped into Andy at most 10 times, actually a lot of my habits, preferences or even ideals have changed. I guess what I like now and what he hates now, we have to learn again."

As for Andy and his girlfriend Michelle Yu's break up, as an ex-girlfriend Sammi said: "I am not qualified to comment on anything. For this issue, I cannot avoid being directed at by the public, you ask me, is that hard to bear for me? Of course, but I put myself in a different role, play an outsider? I know I can't I can only let the issue slowly become the past."

It was inevitable for Sammi to mention Michelle in her article, she also complimented her: "(We) met once....I do not know her well, but my first impression says that she is a cheerful and lively person. As my 10+ year relationship with Andy made a deep impression on many audience' hearts, Michelle and Andy's relationship has me in their shadows. If I am her, it would also be difficult for me."

Sammi cited the song (Don't Disturb Love): "There are some relationships, I honestly cannot disturb, don't dare to disturb. Even if living alone, I occasionally feel lonely and have long been adapted to being lonely. I also won't randomly step into some unknown situations just because I'm lonely." With her music queen status, Sammi pleaded: "Is it possible? Possible to temporarily let me go, let go of Andy, let go of Michelle?"

To end, Sammi noted: "P.S God, please don't make me wait too long, is that possible?"

Regarding Sammi's thousand character article, Andy accepted a telephone interview and said: "From friends I heard about the contents of Sammi's article, I know that is what she wants to express. Sammi feels that she has to let it out, she wrote it really well. The Sammi I know, those words are from her heart. Getting accused by the magazines is already unhappy enough, other things I will not respond."

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