Donnie Yen and Shu Qi frequently NGs while dating

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Donnie Yen and Shu Qi frequently NGs while dating

Post by summer7879 on Wed Sep 08, 2010 2:28 am

Credit : Source: Singtao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Donnie Yen and Shu Qi frequently NGs while dating

Donnie Yen and Shu Qi stars in Legend of the Fist Return of Chen Zhen (精武風雲‧陳真) and was one of the opening films at the Venice Film Festival. Though female lead Shu Qi is currently busy shooting another film in Mainland, she was not able to attend. However, that did not affect the success of the film in the location. After the premiere, the Film Festival chairman Marco Muller used three "really" to express how much he loved the film. He said: "I really really really love this film, outstanding. This will be a favorite film for all Martial Arts lovers out there, a mind-blowing martial arts film in the world." He also asked the director Andrew Lau to do a sequel.

Besides the good comments, the film also had new screenshots, where Donnie picks up Shu Qi in his motorcycle. Donnie recalled shooting the scene with Shu Qi, that they had to do 10+ takes before the director accepted it because the director hoped Donnie and Shu Qi would be able to show emotions, but cannot reveal them. Also, while filming a dance-wine drinking scene, the two had a very good time. Donnie laughed and said that during the shoot, it wasn't just them that were drinking, the director also drank with the two leading stars.

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