Sheren Tang: TV King award just give it to me

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Sheren Tang: TV King award just give it to me

Post by summer7879 on Thu Nov 18, 2010 12:26 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by aZnangel @

Sheren Tang: TV King award just give it to me

This year's TVB Awards battle is intense. Now with Stephen Chan back in his rightful place, another storm arises for the TVB Awards. Last year it was once rumored that 'non-biological son/daughter' Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang only got the awards smoothly because of Stephen's strong support. This year with Stephen back in his position, Wayne and Sheren's chances of winning have just got a major boost.

Towards the new variable on the TVB Awards, the TV King and Queen candidates are unwilling to respond too much. But as for Stephen's comeback, Wayne hopes that he'll have a smooth and happy comeback, and continue to lead everyone. Asked if it's the right time to come back? Wayne said: "TVB made these arrangements, shouldn't be a problem. Boss already made the considerations. (You have a higher chance of winning now that Stephen's back?) I don't know, it may not affect the awards. The judges for each year are different, it's still more important to have audience support."

Regarding Charmaine's 'pressure theory', Sheren expressed that she's already used to pressure. It was said there is a new variable to the TV Queen award, Sheren said: "It is not something for me to think about. Actually, Wayne, Moses Chan, and Raymond Lam shouldn't compete either, just give it to me. Many people say that Cheng Gau Mui (Her role in No Regrets) is very man, the TV King award give it to me, then present the TV Queen award to Charmaine and leave it at that, everyone happy!"

Raymond Lam expressed that it is not surprising that Stephen is back because there was already news of it before. He wishes that Stephen can sweep away all the unhappiness! As for the TVB awards having another variable to consider, Raymond has not thought too much because being able to attend the awards ceremony is still unknown.

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