Wayne Lai & Sheren Tang crowned TV King & Queen once again

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Wayne Lai & Sheren Tang crowned TV King & Queen once again

Post by summer7879 on Mon Dec 06, 2010 12:33 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily, (Images: The Sun, ckwok's weibo)
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Wayne Lai & Sheren Tang crowned TV King & Queen once again

TVB Anniversary Awards 2010 was held last night and presented 15 awards. No Regrets swept the 4 big role awards, the leading role and supporting role. The other popular series Can't Buy Me Love did not lose it all and got Best Series. TV King and Queen went to Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang respectatively as predicted by [Oriental Daily]. Charmaine Sheh won My Favorite TV Female Character, and the popular Moses Chan just got the 'pork' award!

TV King Wayne Lai happily lifted up his award and said: "Thank you TVB for growing me for years. I thought after last year's acceptance speech, I won't have another opportunity to say it again. Lau Sing is a role I really like, I will remember for life!"

TV Queen Sheren Tang had the whole studio cheering and applauding when she won, but the award presenter (Dik Lung) forgot to present the award to her. Sheren happily said: "Slient diligent work can be seen by people! Thank you God for giving me a crazy special characteristic, that allows me to be able to do well on my acting." Sheren did not forget to thank God: "Many people have no opportunity to stand on this stage, many people are silently working, pulling all nighters, it is difficult to film a TV series! Thank you God for giving me so many life experiences!" She then urged everyone to believe Lau Sing and Miss Nine's true love, watch the series and learn to cherish the people in life and world peace.

Charmaine Sheh wins Most Favorite Female Character

Later when Wayne and Sheren were interviewed backstage, the two happily expressed they won together creating history is extremely rare! As No Regrets lost the Best Series award, Wayne said: "The entire crew and cast, each one of us worked very hard, but willing to gamble willing to accept lost!" Asked if he signed a TVB contract? He said: "Not related, have to see the conditions, many factors!" Sheren expressed that this proves that the 'contract in exchange for awards' rumors does not confirm, both of them expressed that no one has approached them to talk about a contract.

Charmaine depended on Princess Chiu Yeung to win My Favorite Female Character Award, she maintained her smile on stage: "Very happy! This role is my most favorite! And have to thank the group of behind-the-scenes." Asked if she was disappointed in losing the TV Queen award? She said: "I am a little disappointed, but won't be unhappy! Audience liking it is more important than winning awards. She expressed that she won't be celebrating because she has to take an early flight back to Mainland tomorrow.

Raymond Lam wrote back to thank Mona Fong

As My Favorite Male Character Award went to TVB's favorite Raymond Lam, and also the TVB.com Popularity Award, asked if Mona Fong's 12 true message was in effect? Raymond said: "Then will have to count every word! (Win award again?) I'm very satisfied! Already surpass the expected!" He also expressed that he will give a written message back to Mona Fong on his Come 2 Me Concert DVD. Asked if he will write: 'No words can describe the gratefulness'? He said: "Something like that! (Afraid of more gossips?) There has always been a lot of noise." Popular Moses Chan only got Best Professional Performance Award, he smiled and said that he is not disappointed, he is a professional at comedy and making coffee, but on stage he said that "Best Actor Award is colder than water", Netizens made noise feeling that the award was a 'pork award'! (TN: In HK, 'pork award' traditionally means that everyone gets a share of pork, hence pork award. Netizens are saying that TVB gave Moses the award to make up for not getting any of the big awards.)

When Sandra Ng presented the Best Actor award, she stirred up the lively atmosphere, and even before she looked at the results she announced that Wayne was the winner. She also said Felix Wong wanted to say "totally very best". As Felix was on the Top 5, but he insisted on a no show last night, clearly still have issues with TVB.

TVB 43rd Anniversary Awards 2010 Winners List (Source: TVB.com)

Best Actress: Sheren Tang
Best Actor: Wayne Lai

My Favorite Male Character: Raymond Lam
My Favorite Female Character: Charmaine Sheh

Best Supporting Actor: Evergreen Mak
Best Supporting Actress: Fala Chen

Most Improved Actor: Raymond Wong
Most Improved Actress: Natalie Tong

Best Series: Can't Buy Me Love
Best Variety Show: The Voice 2
Most Appreciated Variety Show HK ARTchitecture

Best Program Host(s): Liza Wang, Wong Cho Lam, Louis Yuen, Johnson Lee (Fun With Liza And Gods)
Best Professional Performance Award: Moses Chan
tvb.com Popularity Award: Raymond Lam
Lifetime Achievement Award: Louise Lee Sze Kei

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Re: Wayne Lai & Sheren Tang crowned TV King & Queen once again

Post by kingfai30 on Fri Dec 30, 2011 7:20 pm

Congratulations to Wayne Lai & Sheren Tang for winning Best Actor & Actress award in TVB 43rd Anniversary Awards in 2010 and the rest of candidates. Cool

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