Natalie Tong goes for the money, Raymond Wong just hopes to enjoy

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Natalie Tong goes for the money, Raymond Wong just hopes to enjoy

Post by summer7879 on Fri Dec 24, 2010 12:31 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Natalie Tong goes for the money, Raymond Wong just hopes to enjoy

Raymond Wong and Natalie Tong won the "Most Improved Artist" awards together. Soon to be father, Raymond frankly said that he satisfied with his current status, and won't deliberately ask for a pay increase for milk. Natalie said winning an award is a type of certainty, and will patiently wait for others to give her a pay increase.

Many TVB FaDans and Siu Sangs gain popularity and start getting promoted after winning the "Most Improved Artist" award. Raymond modestly said that he was very lucky this time to win the award: "Coincidentally I had series with good public praises this year, many people watched and in fact the award is not a certainty in my acting." Jumped into the TV industry from film industry, Raymond frankly said for the time being he will only be focusing on shooting TV series, set a good foundation first. Soon, he will be shooting a pre-modern series, playing a half good half evil role.

Natalie felt that winning the award is a type of shock, and it is like receiving an 'A' on her personal report card on her TV acting career: "Getting good grades then should do even better later, there is no reason to stop and reward yourself just because of an award. So I won't take the initiative to ask for a pay increase." She is currently shooting a Qing dynasty series, and this is her first time playing a sour character. Natalie is grateful of TVB giving her so many opportunities to portray different roles: "This is also my first time shooting a Qing dynasty series, so I will go watch more costume dramas to learn from them and how they speak their lines."

The Last Goal

When asked if 'Best Actor & Actress' is their last goal? Raymond said that it is most important to be happy with your job: "My goal is to enjoy the acting process, if I am not enjoying myself, then how can audience enjoy my acting?" Natalie smiled and said that her goal is to make extra income in Mainland: "The series I'm in are rarely shown in Mainland, so I hope to be in several different types of series, increasing the amount of people in Mainland that knows my name and earn more money to help buy a property for my family!" Her current wish is to own a home that is "already paid off".

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