Niki Chow signs artist contract with TVB, starts working next month

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Niki Chow signs artist contract with TVB, starts working next month

Post by summer7879 on Wed Jan 12, 2011 2:01 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translator: aZnangel@AEU

Niki Chow signs artist contract with TVB, starts working next month

Because of record label BMA joining HKRIA, who is currently in a dispute with TVB, Niki at one point lost the opportunity to be female lead in Lee Tim Shing's new series My Cruel Lover. Although there are reports again that said she wanted TVB to give her an "Ah Jeh level" contract, she eventually signed a contract with TVB yesterday afternoon at 2:30pm. Now she can freely be in TVB series.

Over the phone Tim Gor happily expressed: "Today she signed an artist contract, I think it's a 2 year contract. There isn't no so-called 'Ah Jeh level' conditions though! Niki didn't have many requests. There are just some wording on the contract that needs legal documents, otherwise how will the lawyer receive money." Tim Gor reveals that Niki's contract is effective on February 1st, but because she has stage performances in the U.S on February 2nd, she won't be able to start working on the series until February 8th when she gets back. Also, the costume fitting held next Monday (1/17), she also won't be attending either.

Tim Gor was asked when someone suggestes to change the female lead earlier, was Natalie Tong the next candidate? He said that since he decided Niki as the female lead, he never considered changing or had a back up artist. In the earlier few months, Tim Gor already prepared everything, so it would not be possible to change actresses on such short notice. He laughed: "I vow not to bow, I'm insisting until the end, and will defend until the very last moment. Now that TVB has another FaDan, it is a good thing. Niki also has never done a pre-modern series before, so it's a fresh feeling." Tim Gor supports Niki, that she has talent for acting, he has seen her performances in her past series, My Cruel Lover will be an even deeper challenge to her acting. She will play a 'soy sauce girl', working in a sauce factory, and will have unique relationship with Raymond Wong.

It was understood that even though Niki signed an artist contract with TVB, she will not give up her singing career. Once her BMA contract ends, she will have offers from other record labels and will seek for a suitable label to start her new development.

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